The $1500 1440p Custom Desktop Build for June 2016 (with 144Hz Gaming Monitor)

This is another of our custom requested builds from our premium parts list service - we've made this public (with the permission of the reader who ordered the build) so hopefully others building a similar machine can learn something from this example.

Reader's Build Requirements

Requested By: Brian A from United States (June 2016)

Please provide details on what you'll be doing with this PC, including any specific games/applications/performance-aims etc:

I will be gaming. Mostly MMO's and dabbling in FPS's.

What is your maximum budget NOT including rebates/taxes/shipping? Or do you have a budget range (eg 600-700):


Which components and/or peripherals do you want included in your list of parts:

  • Tower (CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Card, Power Supply, Case)
  • Standard Hard Drive
  • SSD
  • Monitor

Do You Have a Processor Brand Preference? Must Be Intel.

Do you have a Graphics Card Brand Preference? Must Be NVidia.

Please provide any preferences for your storage, such as size of hard drive and/or size of SSD (SSDs not recommended for cheap builds):

1TB or lower for hard drive. No higher than 250 GB for SSD.

Will you be overclocking (only for experienced builders)? If so please provide details on which parts etc:

No I will not be.

Any preferences for your case, such as size/color/clear-side-panel/etc?

Just black in color.

Any other details we should know about?

I would like a 144hz monitor with 2k resolution. I can opt out of the SSD if you cant find a build to meet my price range. I know it will be tough with the type of monitor I'm asking for.

$1500 1440p 144Hz High-End Desktop

NOTE: All prices listed below were correct at the time of writing and may fluctuate day to day.

There we go. Based on your requirements, and your wish for a 144Hz gaming screen (expensive yet very worth it IMO), the above component list is exactly what I'd opt for in this moment in time to maximize gaming performance for under $1500 USD.

With the super capable i5 and 970 processor-graphics combination (2 most crucial parts for gaming) you'll be playing any of the latest games in style, even running on the fairly demanding "2K" resolution (aka 2560 x 1440).

For a high-end build it'd be a shame not to get a nice and speedy SSD, and thankfully a nice 250GB model (very nice size) was easy to squeeze in with your nice budget, as well as including a high quality power supply which I always suggest builders to do (never go cheap on your PSU, especially if you're building a high-end system).

Speaking of power, 550 watts as your included power supply has is more than enough. However, if you think you'll likely be adding an extra 970 video card in SLI mode in the future then I would get the 650 watt version of the same PSU.

A single 970 will have you playing the latest games really well for years though, so don't think you NEED a SLI setup AT ALL. Just wanted to give the heads up if it's something you had thought of doing. So if SLI isn't on your mind at all - just stick with the 550 watt PSU (which is a high-quality gold unit) which will cover your build without problems and with a little wiggle room too (the 970, and your other components, don't require all that much power).

That's it for your "1440p 144Hz high-end desktop". I hope you like your build and thanks for sending in your request, enjoy!

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