About Us

The aim of Build-Gaming-Computers.com is to help as many other people as possible be able to confidently build their own affordable and reliable high-performance gaming computer from scratch to maximize your PC gaming experience.

With the hardware & accessory buying guides, updated custom build examples, and step-by-step installation guides you will find on this site you have everything you need to know about building your own PC in the one place. We also try to break down any complicated topics as simply as possible to make building PCs a breeze, even if you have absolutely zero prior experience.

If you wish to contact us with any questions or comments about the site, or you wish to share with us your own build experience whether it be a variation of our custom builds or your own fully customized system you can contact us through our contact form here.

Hearing back from our readers is always a good thing and it also helps us to constantly improve the site. Just a reminder that if you are sending a testimonial and want it included online on our Reader testimonials page, please include the word 'testimonial' in your message title.

Thanks for visiting the site and we hope it helps you in some way. Long live PC gaming!

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