The Ultimate Step by Step, Beginner-Friendly, Image-Filled Ebook on How to Build a Gaming PC From Scratch



Building a PC is kinda like Adult Lego, and a lot easier these days as it once was, but if you're new you still want a trusty guide by your side to do it the right, safe way, to avoid any confusion or problems, and to gain 100% confidence with every single step of the journey.

The Gaming Build Blueprint is our all-new, easy-to-follow, fine-tuned digital guide that teaches anyone how to build a gaming computer all the way from planning and buying the best components and peripherals for your needs, to carefully and properly installing hardware and software with a full accompanying chapter on troubleshooting any issues or problems you may run into and how to fix them.

But the guide doesn't stop there and unlike most tutorials on building a PC it includes less-talked about yet crucial topics including:

  • The best add-on software and applications to install on a fresh build in this day and age including the best security, browser, entertainment, performance-enhancement and gaming-related applications.
  • Everything you need to know about hardware upgrades, including when and how to upgrade each component and uninstalling best practices.
  • What you need to know about downloading and updating device drivers, including which drivers matter, which don't, and how to do it the right way.
  • How to maintain and look after your new investment including how to safely and properly clean components.
  • How to optimize your general system performance to have your build running in peak condition at all times and to avoid slow downs as it ages.
  • How to optimize gaming performance including tips and tricks on how to squeeze out extra frames-per-second in your games.
  • With many more tips and tricks included throughout.

Simply put, we've worked hard to make this the ultimate PC building handbook for beginners, with all the information you'd ever want to know about building your first cost-effective, high-performance and reliable computer all in the one place, and even if you have absolutely zero prior experience and if the thought of building your own PC sounds a little intimidating.

You'll have every step of the journey from A - Z mapped out in a logical, step by step order and with all the detail and accompanying images that you need to never get stuck and confused with what to do next.

Plus, you can use the guide to easily refer back to in the future whenever you need to either upgrade, maintain or build another system. You also get completely free access to any future versions of the guide as we plan to release an updated edition every year.

Here's a peak at the table of contents of the The Gaming Build Blueprint:

The Gaming Build Blueprint Table of Contents

The guide assumes you're starting from square one with no prior experience, and will explain the process to you as you go along so you won't just end up with a new gaming computer built the right way (and the safe way) but you'll also gain an actual understanding of the process and gain the life-long wisdom and know-how to build, upgrade and maintain gaming PCs for the rest of your gaming life.

And with the super-exciting endless opportunities of VR gaming on the horizon (the VR of today is just a preview) I'll bet my house that your gaming life has only just begun! Never again will you have to sway to the dark side of buying an overpriced, unoptimized, bloatware-filled pre-built PC.

To get started with your transformation from PC noob to ninja and download the Gaming Build Blueprint, simply select your edition below.

We offer 3 editions - CORE, GOLD and MASTER - with Gold and Master editions including bonus guides for those who want to take their knowledge even further.


What You Get:

The Main eBook

Core Edition will suit those who just want the main course, our high-quality, image-filled detailed step by step beginner-friendly Ebook The Gaming Build Blueprint which is more than everything a first-time PC builder needs to complete their new build from scratch. 

Price: $27 (AKA buy me dinner :P)


What You Get:

The Main eBook


4 Additional Guides on Building for VR, Streaming, Video Editing or 3D Rendering

As well as the main eBook, Gold Edition includes not 1, not 2, but 4 supplemental guides that cover how to build specific types of PCs in a lot more depth for those who want to fine-tune a build and their component choices to maximize your money for these applications.

Building a PC for VR Gaming: The Ultimate Guide

This supplemental guide explains VR hardware requirements, how to optimize your component choices for VR, sample VR builds for different budgets, and a comparison of the current best PC VR headsets.

Building a PC for Game Streaming: The Ultimate Guide

If you want to build the absolute best possible rig for game streaming via services like Twitch, this is the guide for you. It includes a full hardware requirements breakdown, the best parts for streaming, sample streaming builds, how to set up Twitch and other types of streaming, optimization tips, building a separate streaming rig vs an all-in-one gaming and streaming machine, and pretty much everything else you could want to know about streaming with your gaming PC.

Building a PC for Video Editing: The Ultimate Guide

Covers the hardware requirements and choosing of components for video editing with popular programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, and DaVinci Resolve, including how to choose the best editing CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, monitor and more. Also includes sample builds.

Building a PC for 3D Rendering: The Ultimate Guide

A look at the hardware requirements of 3D rendering and animation software, which software is best for you, and sample builds to optimize performance for the best rendering/animation applications.


(Main eBook + 4 Bonus Guides)

Price: $47 (AKA buy me dinner + drinks)


What You Get:

The Main eBook


The 4 Gold Edition Guides

Building a PC for VR Gaming: The Ultimate Guide

Building a PC for Game Streaming: The Ultimate Guide

Building a PC for Video Editing: The Ultimate Guide

Building a PC for 3D Rendering & Animation: The Ultimate Guide


4 Additional Master Guides

As well as the main eBook and the bonus Gold edition guides, Master edition includes another 4 awesome eBooks on intermediate topics to take your PC knowledge and skill from novice to ninja.

You get a full primer on overclocking your CPU and GPU, a guide to testing and benchmarking your new beast with various methods, a full intro to water cooling your rig including setting up custom loops, and a full primer to the exciting and growing world of PC eSports including tournament, game, peripheral and ergonomic guides.

Master edition is the ultimate online education for PC builders that'll serve you well for the rest of your gaming life, and will set you apart from the pack in your knowledge; get used to your gaming buddies coming to you for advice from now on!





60-Days Expert Email Support

Also included exclusively for Master edition is 1 on 1 email help and support with me for up to 60 days from your date of purchase. You can get any questions you may have about planning and building your PC answered as quickly as possible, including help with choosing the best parts for your exact budget and specific needs.


(Main eBook + 4 Gold Guides + 4 Master Guides + Email Support)

Price: $77

(AKA buy me dinner + way too many drinks!)

About the Author

Julien has been an avid gamer and hardware/technology enthusiast for over a decade, finding his start with computer science as a teenager in the form of computer programming with C++, OpenGL and DirectX which culminated in the creation of an independent multiplayer arena-based first-person shooter he coded from scratch with a friend. When he’s not building and running websites he loves traveling, keeping fit, sports and FIFA tournaments.

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