Building a Gaming PC: Extra Articles

What Is SuperSpeed USB 3
Explains the new SuperSpeed USB 3 technology that is only just starting to emerge into the personal computer market. Also outlines the benefits over USB 2.

Different DVD Formats Explained
There are a few different types of DVD formats out there, such as DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. Here we clear the confusion about what all the jargon means.

What Is Cache And Why It's Important
Cache memory is crucial to making your games run at their fastest. This article explains what cache is and why its important to your PCs speed.

Dual Monitor Video Card Guide
Using a dual monitor video card in your computer to power two monitors is a big time saver, and in this article we explain why and how you can get set up with dual monitors.

External Video Card
The pros and cons of using an external video card is explained here. External GPUs are great for those looking to upgrade their gaming laptop performance.

NVIDIA SLI Explained
Takes a look at the performance enhancing technology that is NVIDIA's SLI.

ATI CrossFire Explained
Explains what ATI CrossFire technology is in plain english.

Best CPU Cooler
Guide to choosing the best cpu cooler for your gaming PC's processor. What to look for in a good cpu fan.

Computer Overclocking Introduction
Explains what computer overclocking is and how it can help your PC's performance and also save you money.

What Is Blu Ray?
Blu-Ray is a new technology on the block which hopes to replace the DVD. Find out all about Blu-Ray here.

Make My Computer Run Faster
If your PC is running slowly then check out these 6 easy tips to improving system performance.

Quad Core CPU vs Dual Core
Quad core processors are fairly new on the scene, but do you really need one? This article explains if they are a necessity or not at the moment.

32 Bit Vs 64 Bit CPUs
Find out here if 64 bit processors are worth your money and why you would consider one over a 32 bit processor.

Barebone Computer Systems
What are barebone computers? Find out what they are here, and also the pros and cons of buying these types of computers.

Safety Precautions to Building a Gaming Computer
How to safely build your PC. Covers important issues such as electricity, static electricity, and using the right tools for the job.

Gaming Laptop Computers Buyer's Guide
This article takes a look at some issues involved with choosing a laptop for gaming.

Gaming Computers For Sale: Where to Find Great Deals Online
Check this out if you are looking to buy a ready built, high-performance gaming computer on the internet.

Beginner's Guide to Gaming Computer Parts
Takes a general overview look at the different components that go into a gaming rig. If you're a novice to computer hardware, or you are building a gaming PC and are unsure of what parts you need, this is for you.

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Computer Keyboard
Looks into ergonomic computer keyboards and why you should buy one.

Building a Cheap Gaming Computer: Tips to Save Money
Contains useful tips to help you save money building your gaming computer. Great advice for those on a tight budget.

Intel vs AMD
Takes a look at the heated discussion of Intel vs AMD processors. We also help you decide on which brand would be better for your gaming pc in the current CPU market.

What is a Video Card and How it Works
Don't know what a video card is? This article will tell you what this very important computer component is, and how it works. Without a video card you wouldn't see anything on your computer screen.

How Does a Computer Mouse Work?
Takes a look at the different computer mouse technologies out there and how they work on the inside.

Who Invented the Computer Mouse?
This article explains a little bit about the history of the computer mouse, including who invented the very first mouse.

Intel Pentium vs Celeron: A Comparison
Takes a look at the difference between the Intel Pentium and the Intel Celeron processors.

Cheap Computer Speakers: Where To Buy Online
If you're looking for high quality gaming speakers you can find the best deals here.

Install Motherboard Quick-Guide
A quick step by step guide to installing a motherboard. This is one of the main steps in building a gaming pc.

Spoil Yourself With a Massaging Computer Chair
Having a massaging chair will offer you the most comfort and relaxation in your home office or whilst playing your favourite games.

Installing a Graphics Card: Step by Step
An easy to read guide on installing a graphics card. Includes information on installing video card drivers, and safety guidelines to protecting your video card from damage during installation.

Computer Gaming Magazines: Our Recommendations
Here we give our top recommendations on the best computer gaming magazines out there.

CPU Definitions and Terminology
Explains common CPU terminology to help your understanding of the brains of a computer.

Motherboard Definitions and Terminology
Learn what a motherboard is and the role it plays in your computer. Common motherboard terminology is explained too.

How A CPU Works
A brief and simple look at how a CPU works on the inside.

Digital Camera Buyers Guide
A digital camera is a very popular device to own these days, and we look at some factors to consider when choosing one for your own needs.

Refurbished Desktop Computer
What is a refurbished computer? Find out here. You will also learn some tips on buying a refurbished computer.

Build A Computer Desk
Teaches you how to build your own desk for your PC.

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