Computer Gaming Accessories, Drives,
Peripherals And Other Components

This section contains buying guides on computer gaming accessories, peripherals, and other parts for your gaming PC. From the mouse, keyboard, blu-ray and DVD burners, speakers, to headphones, racing wheels, gaming chairs, computer desks, and more.

Choosing The Best Gaming Headphones
Your guide to choosing the best-value and best-quality headset for the best gaming audio experience. We also compare open vs closed headphones.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Keyboard
Quick quide on choosing a keyboard suited for gaming. We also take a look at one of the best gaming keyboards available on the market.

Gaming Mouse Buyer's Guide
How to choose a quality mouse suited for hardcore gaming that will give you 100% control and precision to make for the best PC gaming experience.

Blu Ray Burner Buyer's Guide
The blu ray phenomenon has only just begun and will soon take over DVDs as the favoured format for movies and storage. Here are some tips on choosing a Blu-ray drive for your PC.

Choosing The Best DVD Burner
What you need to look out for when buying a DVD burner for your gaming PC.

The Best PC Steering Wheels For The Ultimate Driving Simulation
With a good PC racing wheel you will be experiencing driving games on a whole other level than before. Read this to know what PC wheel you should buy.

How to Choose the Best Computer Speakers
Having a great sound system will greatly improve your gaming experience. Here we take a look at the important things to consider when buying your speaker system.

Choosing the Best CPU Cooler
Takes a look at the important things to consider when selecting a good aftermarket CPU cooler and fan.

Buying an External Video Card
External graphics processors are a new trend in the graphics industry. Learn what you need to know here before rushing out and buying one.

Gaming Chair Buyer's Guide
This article explains the different things you should consider when buying a good computer gaming chair for a comfortable experience.

Choosing a Computer Gaming Desk
Advice on buying a computer gaming desk for your gaming PC.

Ergonomic Computer Keyboards
Ergonomic keyboards with help reduce strain in your hands and wrists. Read about the benefits and whether you need one with this article.

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