Latest Computer Hardware eBooks (2017 PDF Downloads)

On this site we provide continuously-updated free buying guides, monthly builds and reviews, but if you're the type of person who wants to go deeper with your computer hardware and DIY knowledge and skills, we've crafted some epic in-depth computer hardware eBooks that cover absolutely every little detail you'd ever want to know. 

They have been carefully created and fine-tuned from hundreds of hours of deep research based on our years of PC hardware experience, and will help you become a true PC building and gaming hardware ninja, even if you're currently a total newbie. Enjoy!


Skill Level: Beginner

The ultimate 2017 tutorial on how to build a gaming PC from scratch, with images from our latest real-life build to help you understand.


(Price: $27)

What You'll Learn:

- Understanding the basics of computer hardware, what each component does, and which parts are most important for gaming and why.

- How to research and select the best value parts, peripherals and optional add-on parts and accessories for your budget.

- Tips on buying your parts online and offline and being a smarter hardware shopper.

- How to setup a safe workspace, the best tools to use, and everything you need to know about static electricity.

- Step by step guidance on putting your parts together properly and safely without making mistakes, including a full chapter on how to locate and fix any problems you may encounter

- How to install your operating system, deal with the BIOS, and the best free and paid add-on software programs to install.

- Practical tips on how to optimize your computer for both gaming and general performance.

- Everything you need to know about maintaining and cleaning your PC, how and when to upgrade each part, and upgrading best practices.


Skill Level: Beginner

The ultimate guide to building a PC for eSports, including how to choose the best hardware and peripherals to get the best performance, control and comfort that will allow you to play at your best and give you every little edge possible over your opponents.


(Price: $9)

What You'll Learn:

- Everything you need to know about choosing the best parts for the top eSports, with detailed 2017 guidelines and specific recommendations for getting both a consistent 60 FPS for 60 Hz monitors and a consistent 144 FPS for 144 Hz monitors.

- Hardware recommendations and tips are provided for League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, World of Tanks, Rocket League, and Starcraft 2.

- Everything you need to know about choosing the best mouse, keyboard, monitor and headset for eSports, including advice for specific games and a look at 60 Hz vs 120/144 Hz displays and whether you need high refresh rates for eSports.

- Specific recommendations of the current top peripherals used by pro gamers that won't let you down in battle.

- Other tips and things to keep in mind when building the best PC for eSports and competitive gaming to be at your best.


Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

The ultimate beginner's guide to overclocking your CPU and/or graphics card, including full coverage of overclocking basics and step by step tutorials.


(Price: $17)

What You'll Learn:

- A complete primer to the fundamentals of overclocking, including a look at the pros and cons, and whether or not overclocking is worth it for your situation. 

- Everything you need to know about choosing parts for overclocking, including how to make sure your CPU, GPU, and case cooling is adequate.

- A full tutorial on how to overclock your CPU in various ways, including using your BIOS, using Intel XTU, using motherboard software, and the pros and cons to each method.

- A full tutorial on overclocking a graphics card/GPU safely and effectively using MSI's great program called Afterburner.

- Exactly how to run benchmarks and stress-tests on your system, including which free programs are the best to use in 2017.


Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

The ultimate beginner's guide to water cooling including a full primer and detailed guidance on planning, buying, installing and maintaining your first custom loop.


(Price: $17)

What You'll Learn:

- A complete primer to the fundamentals of water cooling, including a look at the pros and cons and whether it's worth it.

- Air vs liquid cooling, the different types of liquid cooling, and how to choose an AiO CPU liquid cooler.

- How to plan and design your first custom loop, including an explanation of each part and how to choose them.

- The current best places to buy parts in 2017 for a water cooling loop for various countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, & International).

- Exactly how to install each part of your loop safely and properly step by step.

- How to test and maintain your new custom water cooling loop.


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