Stuck Choosing the Best Parts for Your Exact Budget & Needs?

Let Us Send You the Best Personalized, Cost-Effective, Balanced Parts-List for Your Exact Budget & Needs.

(expert computer hardware help for your build)

If you're stuck with choosing the best parts and peripherals for your new gaming PC build and want 1-on-1 computer hardware help from an expert, we're here help.

We can take all of the guesswork, head-scratching and endless hardware research out the equation when it comes to building your own gaming computer so you can get to the fun part of building your new dream machine and playing your favorite game.

We get it - building your very first gaming computer can be a little daunting, no matter how many times people tell you it's dead easy, and nobody wants to make mistakes and end up with annoying problems that could stretch out your building adventure from a fun day to a frustrating week (or longer).

It's all too easy to get stuck at the first hurdle of actually choosing the right parts in the first place for your specific budget and wants/needs because you're a little afraid.

And for good reason - PC gaming can be an expensive hobby so you want to make sure you're 100% confident in the parts-list you're buying to ensure you get the performance and features that you wanted in the first place, and that you don't run into problems when it comes to compatibility, boot-up or running your PC without issues.

The guys over at NZXT summed it up well:

"Surprisingly, the hardest part about building a computer is deciding which parts to use and purchase"

We're here to put a stop to gamer's missing out on their dream of having their own custom PC and the satisfaction and joy that comes from that.

Specifically, we want to put a stop to gamer's who sway to the dark side of buying an overpriced and lesser-performing pre-built PC because they were afraid to take the Do-It-Yourself adventure ;)

You could try and get computer hardware help on a forum somewhere, but you're not guaranteed that someone will take the time to help you with your specific needs - plus, if you do get lucky with a response, it's probably going to be a rushed answer, and who knows whether the advice they're giving is solid.

So if you want us in your corner to help you pick the best setup for your exact needs, and you trust our recommendations based on the years of updated content we've been putting out on this site, we'd be happy to help you.

Simply fill out the form below and for WAY less than seeing a local technician we'll get to work on thoroughly researching a full-personalized, cost-effective, reliable and well-balanced list of parts for your exact budget and needs.

Sometimes builds can take us a long time to properly research and so we obviously can't do this for free as we're busy people, but we've aimed to make this service as affordable as humanly possible for you.

But our aim is to help you save a lot of money overall as we tap into our 11+ years of hardware experience when compiling your parts-list.

We look forward to researching your build (it'll either be me or an assistant who works on your build), and thanks for supporting our site!



PS - We will publish your customized build on a new page on our site with included commentary on our part selections where necessary. You can see examples of previous reader-requested builds at the bottom of this page. If you don't wish your build to be published for whatever reason, and prefer to just have it sent via email, just let us know below.

Fill out your build details below: (please try to be as specific as you can so we can help you better)

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
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Must Be NVidia
Must Be AMD
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CPU/Processor (required for a new build)
Motherboard (required " ")
RAM (required " ")
Graphics Card (required " ")
Power Supply (required " ")
Case (required " ")
Windows 10 Operating System
Other Operating System (specify below)
Traditional Hard Drive
Solid State Drive
DVD Drive/Burner (optional these days)
Aftermarket CPU Cooler (for overclocking or high-end cooling)
Dedicated Sound Card (totally optional)
Speakers (budget/mid-range)
Mouse Pad (standard size)
Mouse Pad (extra large size)
Mouse Pad (wide size to rest keyboard on too)
Wireless Networking Card
Wireless USB Dongle
Blu-ray Drive/Burner
Anti-static wrist band
USP Power Supplly
RGB LED Lighting Kit
VR Headset
Router (must give details below)
Aftermarket LED Case Fans (must give detail below)

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