Get Expert 1-on-1 Computer Hardware Help for Your Gaming PC Build

Get a Full Critique of Your Parts-List (OPTION A) or Have Us Thoroughly Research a New Parts-List for Your Exact Budget & Needs (OPTION B)

If you're stuck with choosing the best parts and peripherals for your new gaming PC build and want 1-on-1 computer hardware help from an expert, we're here help

We've been running this site for over a decade and have helped tens of thousands of first-time PC builders overcome their hurdles to build their dream gaming PC, so if you need an extra helping hand we're here to help you save time, money and potential headaches.

Instead of asking for advice and then holding your breath to hope that A) someone responds and B) that someone actually knows what they're talking about and has the time to carefully consider your situation, get guaranteed 1-on-1 help with us.

It can take hours to properly and carefully research the current best parts-list for your exact budget and needs, but we've aimed to make this expert service as affordable as possible for you (and WAY cheaper than hiring your local PC pro!).

So if you want to tap into our knowledge and have us in your corner to help you build the very best PC, fill out your details below and we'll get to work on your build. You'll also be able to ask us any follow-up questions about anything to do with building your PC.

Option A: Build Critique

Get a Thorough Critique of Your Parts-List for Feedback on How to Make it Better

Enter Your Build Details:

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Option B: New Build

Have an Expert Thoroughly Research a New Parts-List for Your Exact Budget & Wants

Fill out your build details below: (please try to be as specific as you can so we can help you better)

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
Must Be Intel
Must Be AMD
Don't Mind
Must Be NVidia
Must Be AMD
Don't Mind
CPU/Processor (required for a new build)
Motherboard (required " ")
RAM (required " ")
Graphics Card (required " ")
Power Supply (required " ")
Case (required " ")
Windows 10 Operating System
Other Operating System (specify below)
Traditional Hard Drive
Solid State Drive
DVD Drive/Burner (optional these days)
Aftermarket CPU Cooler (for overclocking or high-end cooling)
Dedicated Sound Card (totally optional)
Speakers (budget/mid-range)
Mouse Pad (standard size)
Mouse Pad (extra large size)
Mouse Pad (wide size to rest keyboard on too)
Wireless Networking Card
Wireless USB Dongle
Blu-ray Drive/Burner
Anti-static wrist band
USP Power Supplly
RGB LED Lighting Kit
VR Headset
Router (must give details below)
Aftermarket LED Case Fans (must give detail below)

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