Need Help Choosing the Best Bang for Your Buck, Reliable, and Fully-Compatible List of Parts for Your New Build? (or want us to critique your build?)

Simply Send In Your Build Requirements Below And We'll Get to Work on Thoroughly Researching the Best Personalized, Current, Modern PC Build for Your Exact Situation to Save You Time, Money, and a Lotta' Headscratching!

Choosing the right/best components for a new custom build can be a little daunting, especially if you're new or not that tech-savvy.

You want 100% confidence & satisfaction in your custom PC parts-list (and accessories/peripherals) - not only to stretch your money further but to ensure you're building the best customized system for your exact needs that'll run without issues, perform super well (for gaming and other tasks, as well as running as cool and quiet as possible), be upgrade-friendly, and last you as long as possible.

It's all too easy to get stuck for days and days, even weeks, with choosing that perfect list parts, and never pulling the trigger and achieving your dream of building your very own killer custom rig to play in style.

"Surprisingly, the hardest part about building a computer is deciding which parts to use and purchase" - NZXT

Having doubts and concerns with whether you've made the right component choices is totally understandable: this great hobby that is PC gaming (or profession...e-sports, pro streamers and other professions are on the rise) can eat into our wallets real quick if we don't know what we're doing.

Many builders who either choose their parts through their own research or by selecting an already verified parts-list such as our monthly build examples don't have a need for a 1-on-1 service such as this and will do just fine by following advice online. 

However, if you want specific 1-on-1 help with someone who knows this industry well and can tailor advice just for you to save you time, money and a whole lot of head-scratching - this could be exactly what you need to make your PC build a fun, smooth experience without any annoying roadblocks getting in your way of building an amazing new customized PC that'll you be proud of every single time you boot up.

No need to endlessly read and compare technical reviews and confusing hardware sites, and no need to spend hours getting lost in online stores trying to piece together specs and compare the hundreds of choices that all seem to pop out at you.

And no need to post your questions in a forum and pray that somebody answers you - and if you're lucky to get a response, pray those answers are actually helpful to you. There's no guarantee that some random stranger on a forum is going take the time to carefully do their due-diligence and give you detailed, situation-specific 1 on 1 feedback and analysis based on years of experience - that's where we come in.

After over a decade helping thousands of gamers worldwide to successfully build their own PC, we've developed a keen eye on how to design the best cost-effective, reliable, aesthetic, upgrade-friendly PC for any budget, at any particular moment in time.

We're always on the pulse of the hardware world and make it a habit to continually stay informed on the latest happenings. We're passionate about what we do (check out our Testimonials to hear what some of our readers are saying about us).

If you want to go ahead and order your personalized build or build critique, simply fill out the form below and we'll get started on your build ASAP.

We look forward to getting started on your build and helping out a fellow gamer, and thanks for supporting the site!


- Receive a thoroughly-researched, fully-personalized custom parts-list via email within 3-5 days.

- Comes with 1 Week of follow-up email support (starts once you've received your new build via email)

Price: Buy me lunch ($14.95 USD)


- Receive a thoroughly-researched, fully-personalized custom parts-list via email within 48 hours.

- Comes with 1 Month of Follow-Up Email Support (starts once you've received your new build via email)

Price: Buy me dinner ($29.95 USD)


- Receive a personal critique/feedback on your custom parts-list via email within 48 hours.

- Comes with 1 Week of Follow-Up Email Support (starts once you've received your new build via email)

Price: Buy me a drink ($9.95 USD)

Enter Details for Your New Build/Build Critique

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Traditional Hard Drive (mention size preference below)
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Aftermarket CPU Cooler (for overclocking)
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Headset (budget)
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Wireless Networking Card
Wireless USB Dongle
Blu-ray Drive/Burner
Anti-static wrist band
Aftermarket LED Case Fans (please give detail below)
Water Cooling Kit (give detail below)
Must Be Intel
Must Be AMD
Don't Mind
Must Be NVidia
Must Be AMD
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Terms & Conditions for Using the Parts-List Service

By using our personalized gaming PC parts-list service you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • When you receive your build please keep in mind that all prices quoted were correct at the time of writing and prices may fluctuate from day and day, or components may go out of stock (we'll help you find suitable replacements if necessary though).
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or persons when building your PC. By using our service you agree to follow safety precautions provided HERE when building your PC. 
  • We typically do not offer refunds on our services, however if you're at all unhappy with the service provided then please let us know and we will do our best to rectify the situation. Our aim is for you to be 100% satisfied and getting your money's worth (and then some).

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