Need Expert Help Choosing the Absolute Best Gaming PC Parts For Your Exact Budget?

Send Us Your Build Requirements and Let Us Thoroughly Research the Most Cost-Effective, Reliable, High-Performing Gaming PC Parts-List That'll Last You As Long As Possible.

Take Advantage of Our 10+ Years Of Experience Helping Gamers Build Their Own Killer Rigs And Save Yourself Endless Hours Of Hardware Research.

Choosing the right components for a custom gaming build can be a little daunting if you're a beginner or if you're not continually studying the latest happenings in the fast-changing (and oftentimes confusing) PC hardware market.

It's all too easy to get stuck for days and even weeks with choosing the perfect list of bang-for-your-buck, reliable, upgrade-friendly and fully compatible parts to satisfy all of your specific wants and needs.

"Surprisingly, the hardest part about building a computer is deciding which parts to use and purchase" - NZXT

Having doubts and concerns with whether you've made the right component choices is totally understandable: this great hobby that is PC gaming (or profession...e-sports, pro streamers and other professions are on the rise) can eat into our wallets real quick if we don't know what we're doing.

You want 100% confidence in the parts and accessories you're buying to ensure you're getting the current best bang for your buck for your hard-earned money.

As well as maximizing your budget, you want to be sure your chosen parts list is carefully selected to cover things like:

  • Full compatibility between all parts so you don't run into any issues during installation or later down the track
  • Enough gaming performance to play the specific games you wish to play at both the resolution (1080p, 1440p, 4K, or multiple monitors) and in-game graphic settings that you want, and at the right amount of FPS (frames per second) that you want (60fps = flawless, 45 and over is smooth, and 30 is laggy)
  • Enough performance for any other demanding applications you plan on using with your PC
  • Built to last so you can handle the gaming experience that you're after for a while to come without having to upgrade anytime soon
  • Speaking of upgrades you want to make sure your system is designed to accomodate the right upgrades down the line
  • Designed for efficient cooling based on the power and attributes of your build so that your machine runs as cool and quiet as possible (nothing worse than a loud clunker of a rig that distracts from the experience)
  • Has the right extra features you want such as aftermarket cooling, drive bays, storage devices, USB 3 ports, other ports such as audio, PCI-E and/or PCI expansion ports, case aesthetics, extra case fans, water-cooling, peripherals, and the list goes on
  • And more, depending on how advanced your wants and needs are

We don't list all these details to scare you off building a PC, or to persuade you to use our service, but because it's a fact that if you're spending the money to build a great PC then you want to be doubly sure you're spending it wisely and doing your homework.

And by seeking expert guidance on designing your custom PC you're leaving nothing to chance and putting your hard-earned money to best use.

After over 10 years helping thousands of gamers worldwide to successfully build their own PC, we've developed a keen eye on how to design the best cost-effective, reliable, aesthetic, upgrade-friendly PC for any budget, at any particular moment in time. We're always on the pulse of the hardware world and make it a habit to continually stay informed on the latest happenings. We're passionate about what we do (check out our Testimonials to hear what some of our readers are saying about us).

So if want some expert guidance on choosing parts - we're here to help!

How to Get Your Personalized Parts-List 

Simply fill out the form below with as much or as little detail as you want about your dream new build, and we'll get to work ASAP to put together the best list of parts (and whichever accessories or add-on components you mention below) that we can muster for your particular country, budget, feature-list, game-specific-performance, or whatever else you want to throw at us.

Whether it's a super cost-effective budget gaming build, or an advanced high-tier, dual-GPU, water-cooled custom LED-lit gaming and work powerhouse...we'll do everything we can to help save you time, money and a lot of head-scratching.

Sure, you can try and get help with choosing parts on forums, however you have no guarantee that someone is going take the time to carefully do their due-diligence and give you detailed 1 on 1 feedback and analysis based on years of experience.

Never blindly trust what is said on a forum - whilst there is great info out there if you know how to decipher the good from the bad, there is a TON of misleading and straight-up bad info as well. A I'm not just saying that to entice you to use our service: it's the truth.

After we send you your personalized build via the email you enter below you'll be able to follow-up with us and get any further questions answered should you have any.

We won't just send you a build and run off into the sunset - if you're not happy with anything we'll continue to tweak your build until you are.

Obviously we can't do all this for free as we have lives too and this site is a part-time gig, but I'm sure you'll find our prices unbeatable for this type of personalized service (waaaay lower than hiring a local PC expert).

From our small 2-man team here at we thank you in advance for supporting our site and we look forward to helping you out! 

Enter Your PC Build Requirements (in as much or as little detail as you want)

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Operating System (Windows)
DVD Drive/Burner (optional these days)
Aftermarket CPU Cooler (for overclocking)
Dedicated Sound Card (only if you know you need one)
Mouse Pad (standard size)
Mouse Pad (wide size for keyboard too)
Monitor (mention size below)
Wireless Networking Card
Wireless USB Dongle
Blu-ray Drive/Burner
Anti-static wrist band
Aftermarket LED Case Fans (please give detail below)
Water Cooling Kit (give detail below)
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Terms & Conditions for Using the Parts-List Service

By using our personalized gaming PC parts-list service you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • When you receive your build please keep in mind that all prices quoted were correct at the time of writing and prices may fluctuate from day and day, or components may go out of stock (we'll help you find suitable replacements if necessary though).
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or persons when building your PC. By using our service you agree to follow safety precautions provided HERE when building your PC. 
  • We typically do not offer refunds on our services, however if you're at all unhappy with the service provided then please let us know and we will do our best to rectify the situation. Our aim is for you to be 100% satisfied and getting your money's worth (and then some).

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