Need Help Choosing the Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Parts For Your Exact Budget And Requirements?

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We get it - building your very first gaming build can be a little daunting if you're not down with all the latest happenings in the fast-changing (and oftentimes confusing) PC hardware market.

It's all too easy to get stuck on choosing the perfect list of bang-for-your-buck, reliable, upgrade-friendly and fully compatible parts to satisfy all of your specific wants and needs.

All this confusion about which parts are best for you leads to some aspiring builders to put off their dream of building their own awesome new gaming computer - and we get it because PC gaming can be an expensive hobby and you want to be 100% confident in the build you order.

That's where we come in - if you need a helping hand in choosing parts we're here to help take all of the confusion, doubt and worry out of the equation so you can get to building your killer new gaming machine sooner rather than later.

Simply fill out the form below with as much or as little detail as you want, then fill out the payment details on the second page (we accept credit card or Paypal) and we'll get to work on your build ASAP.

We also offer follow-up email support to answer any questions you might have - you'll have us in your corner if you get stuck with anything.

No, we obviously can't do all this for free as we have busy lives and this site is run as a part-time gig, but you'll find our prices very low ($19.95 per build) compared to the amount of time it typically takes (hours) to properly research a build that is tailored to your exact wants and needs and that is also the current best value for money on the market (keeping up with the ever-changing hardware market feels like a full-time time gig :P).

From the small team here at - we thank you in advance for supporting the site and we hope you enjoy your customized build.

Long live PC gaming!

PS - If you have any questions about whether or not this build and email support service is right for you, feel free to contact us here.

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Terms & Conditions for Our Build Service

By using our personalized gaming PC parts-list service you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • When you receive your build please keep in mind that all prices quoted were correct at the time of writing and prices may fluctuate from day and day, or components may go out of stock (we'll help you find suitable replacements if necessary though).
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or persons when building your PC. By using our service you agree to follow safety precautions provided HERE when building your PC. 
  • We do not offer refunds on our services, however if you're at all unhappy with the service provided then please let us know and we will try and rectify the problem straight away. Our aim is for you to be 100% satisfied.