Choosing The Best Gaming Headphones

Investing in some of the best gaming headphones will allow for the most immersive gaming experience. They are a must-have accessory for gamers, especially those who need privacy.

I don’t think your neighbors would appreciate being woken up by loud gunshots coming from your computer if you game late at night! As well as confining sound to your ears only, headphones can make for a more immersive gaming experience.

Whilst listening with a set of quality gaming headphones, you will hear small details in your games such as an enemy player’s footsteps, or the rustling of leaves in a forest, that you wouldn't normally hear. The detail of sound you get from the best gaming headphones will make for the most enjoyable and immersive gaming experience possible.

I will firstly explain the two main types of headphones and their advantages, and then I will share some recommendations on which are the best headphones for gaming right now in terms of both value and quality.

Types of Headphones

There are two main types of headphones, closed and open:

  • Closed Headphones – These consist of two cups that fit around your ear. The speakers are located inside the cups, and padded cushion around the cups prevent sound from escaping.

    Closed headphones are great for privacy because sound is trapped inside the cups. They are also the best type of headphones for producing good bass.

  • Open Headphones – Open headphones are quite the opposite of closed types. They fit into your ear but don’t trap as much sound as closed headphones do.

    The advantage of open headphones is extra sound clarity, although the bass quality isn’t normally as good. Also, open headphones tend to be better suited for mobile activities.

Choosing between open or closed as the best gaming headphones is ultimately up to personal preference, as they are both good for gaming. Everyone is different and use whatever is more comfortable for you.

If you want to trap out as much sound as you can, or you need good quality bass, go for closed headphones. But if you want the best sound clarity possible and don't care about bass, open headphones might be a better choice for you. Either will do, just make sure to get a quality headset that has been proven for gaming.

The Best Gaming Headphones

If you're looking for the best value gaming headset right now, I would definitely suggest the Razer RZ04-00370600-R3M1 Orca Gaming & Music Headphones. They are very popular among gamers and the value for money is amazing.

If you're looking for even better quality sound and are prepared to spend a little more I would recommend the Logitech Wireless Headset F540 instead. They rate up there as one of the best gaming headsets in the world right now, and you can't go wrong with Logitech.

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