Quick-Guide on How to Install a Motherboard

Learn how to install a motherboard quickly and easily with the following simple steps. Motherboard installation is a very straightforward process these days, so assuming you have already read through the electricity precautions page, here are the steps to securing your motherboard inside your gaming rig:

1. Unpack Case - First things first, you should prepare your computer case. Remove the cover and place it on a desk or a carpet-less surface. Make sure you have enough lighting in the room.

2. Unpack Motherboard - Your motherboard should be contained in a special anti-static bag. If you're ready for the next install motherboard step, then remove it carefully from the bag and place it on top of the bag so its ready to be installed. Only remove it from its protective bag when you are ready to install it straight away.

3. Install Motherboard - Now you can place your motherboard into the case, which is fairly straightforward to do. The holes on your motherboard should line up with the mounting screw holes on the case. Make sure you've got it the right way around by checking that all the back panel connectors such as USB ports, mouse/keyboard ports, parallel ports are all facing out towards the back of the case.

Now carefully screw in the motherboard using the screws that came with the case. Never ever place the motherboard so that the back of it is touching the metal case. This can cause a short circuit and may cause damage to the board.

4. Connect Power - When the motherboard is secured to the case, and once you have your power supply connected as well, connect your power supply cable to the ATX power connector on the motherboard. You may need to come back to this step once you have installed your power supply unit later on in the PC building process.

That's all there is to motherboard installation, very simple to do and will only take you a minute or two.

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The Ultimate Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide on How to Build a PC

Tutorials, forums and blog articles on how to build a computer can only cover so much and are usually either incomplete, out of date, written/recorded by an expert who forgot what it's like to be a beginner (therefore confusing you further), and/or they rush or skip over important fundamentals or guidelines.

This year we spent many months on a singular mission to create the ultimate beginner-friendly, logically-ordered, easy-to-follow, image-filled and fully-up-to-date digital guide on every step of building your very first custom gaming rig from scratch, that doesn't rush things and that doesn't cut corners either. Download The Gaming Build Blueprint today and start your journey to cleverly-planning and safely-building your dream new machine, minus the headaches and confusion.

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