Who Invented the Computer Mouse?

Have you ever wondered who invented the computer mouse? Here we talk about the history of the computer mouse. The first computer mouse was invented in 1963-64 by a man named Douglas Engelbartas. At the time, Douglas was experimenting with better ways to point and click on a display screen.

The first mouse was bulky, carved out of wood, and only had one button. It worked with two metal wheels which made contact with the working surface. He named it a computer mouse because the cord came out from behind it, resembling a mouse.

Then in 1972 the ball-mouse was invented by a man named Bill English. The ball-mouse was better than the older computer mouse that was invented before, because it contained a single ball instead of the two metal wheels. This ball could rotate in any direction.

Hopefully you have learned something about the history of the computer mouse. If you would like to know more about who invented the computer mouse, you can find out here.