The $1600 i7 1070 Gaming PC (September 2016)

This is one of our reader-requested builds from our computer hardware help service. Check it out if you want us to thoroughly research and write-up a personalized build for your own specific budget and feature-needs (and if you don't want the build published on the site for whatever reason just mention that).

*Note* - All prices listed below were correct at the time of publishing however keep in mind they can fluctuate up or down at any moment.

Based on what you've told me, this is the build I would personally get if I was in your shoes.

The MSI Tomahawk AC motherboard has built-in wifi and bluetooth support as you needed and would make a great base for a high-end system without a crazy-high price tag. Here's the link to the full feature list and specs if you want to look into the board more:

Now to your memory, and whilst 32gb is overkill for what you've described you'll be doing with the PC, I've included it because you said you'd prefer it and also because having such a huge amount of RAM does have the upside of never having to ever buy more memory (literally throughout the system's entire lifetime).

In general I don't recommend anything more than 16GB for gaming or other demanding applications (unless you're spending 2-3K or more on a build) because 16 is easily more than enough for a while to come, but overall it's your decision and will come down to personal preference and how cost-effective you want the build to be. In other words, how loose your budget is.

On the other side of the coin in terms adding even MORE memory one day - yes you could as your motherboard supports up to 64GB and will have 2 free RAM slots once built (it has 4 RAM slots in total).

As for graphics I've gone for the MSI 1070 8GB video card which is a very, very powerful card that'll have you playing any game maxed out. I believe it's the perfect choice for a gaming build around this price. It'll also be great for VR, and is a nice long-term investment with the massive 8GB of video memory (as you asked).

I've tried to keep the build as simple as possible (no aftermarket CPU cooler required, no complicated custom cooling, non-overclocking friendly, easy to assemble) which seems to be what you're after as a beginner.

As for your TV - I had a look at it online and it seems decent to me! And you're right, a 4k monitor would not fit at all in your budget unless you took away a lot of power from your build.

As for a new gaming keyboard and mouse - surprise surprise it really depends on how much you want to spend. But if you want a decent quality set without spending too much that'll be great for gaming - I'd suggest the Cooler Master Devastator 2 Combo which seems like great value and it'll also fit in with the red-themed build (hope you like red by the way). But yeah, the mouse is totally personal preference as it depends on how they feel in your own hand, and that's a little difficult to determine without physically trying it for yourself.

Lastly, in terms of virus software I would suggest Kasperky (there's a free 30 day trial) or AVG Free Edition if you don't want to spend any money. Both are great choices in my opinion. That's basically it for don't really need any fancy software unless it's for specific needs but you did not mention that.

Hopefully everything that I've explained made sense to you and that you're happy with the build, and I hope I covered everything that you need.

If not let me know what you need clarification on (or what changes you would like) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks again for sending in your build request and supporting the site!