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BGC is the original, long-running digital decode of the latest in the PC building landscape crafted with care specifically for PC gamers to more fruitfully navigate the ever-evolving, oftentimes-confusing hardware market without needing to be a computer engineer or tech genius.

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Just some dude who grew up an avid PC/console gamer with a keen interest in the latest in tech, I initially taught myself computer programming in my spare time as a 14 year old cause I had an urge to not just play games, but create them. I started off coding little mini games using C++ and OpenGL/DirectX which led to me coding an FPS game engine and mini multiplayer shooter called Fragger with a friend who helped me with the 3D modeling and texturing.

Just after high school I stopped programming, and decided against getting a degree (was gonna study computer science) and instead decided to try my hand at pursuing my own thing as it felt more natural to me rather than following the tried and true path. I started Build-Gaming-Computers as a sort of experiment and apprenticeship in web development. Back then I saw a need for more simplified, more simply organised and easy-to-understand content on PC hardware and DIY than was already out there, so that total beginners wouldn't get confused. Some of the big hardware sites may provide great insights for the more experienced and advanced, but a lot of it can be over-complicated for the first-time PC builder looking to break into this fun and beneficial hobby.

The FPS engine I coded as a teen; the most basic graphics ever, but I let myself off cause it was '04 after all, and I'm no John Carmack

Starting out as a fairly-embarrassingly-average website with questionable quality, know-how and depth, through constant upgrades to the content, continual reinventions, complete overhauls to the site, and a whole lot of patient KAIZEN (fancy way to say your aim is constant improvement by actually listening and respecting things like customer opinions, feedback, and using criticism and complaints to get better, not bitter), BGC has grown steadily over the years into the fairly expansive, constantly-updated indie PC building publication that it is today, now reaching thousands of gamers around the world each and every month with a healthy-high reader-retention rate and a core bunch of loyal fans.

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Any feedback or support, big or small, is most definitely not expected but always very much appreciated in advance as every little bit counts for an underdog in the crowded, competitive hardware publishing space full of huge companies with deep pockets. Thanks for stopping by and I genuinely hope the site helps you in some way, and good luck with your PC build/s.



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