How to Choose the Best CPU Cooler

In this article we explain how to choose the best CPU cooler for your needs. When choosing a cooler there are some important things to consider.

Say you're putting together your own computer and you've bought a new CPU, great. The problem is, more often than not that CPU has come equipped with a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) CPU cooler. That means that it's a heatsink recommended by the CPU manufacturer, but it's usually a cheap one that only just does its job.

Think about it, why would the CPU company include a top of the range cooler when it doesn't have to? The cooler's they typically provide will keep your CPU cool, but it will do far from a great job.

Most stock CPU coolers are made with cheap aluminium instead of the better performing copper heatsinks. As most of us know, copper is a lot better for heat dissipation on air cooling. So if you're looking for really good cooling and less noise for your CPU, you will need to invest in an aftermarket cooling system.

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing the best CPU cooler for your system, such as whether you will be overclocking or not, and whether you have enough space around the CPU socket. You also need to take into account whether your computer case has enough airflow to begin with, and obviously how much you're willing to spend comes into the picture too.

As with a lot of things, with CPU coolers you pretty much get what you pay for. The larger and more expensive ones are generally going to provide better cooling. Try to find one with heatpipe technology too, as that really helps. And remember, the more copper on it the better!

You need to know what socket CPU cooler you will need, of course. You can't just buy any cooler and pray that it works, you need to choose one that will work with your system. If you wan't some ideas on good quality coolers to use in your gaming PC, check out the recommendations in the Custom Gaming Desktop Computer Builds section of the site.

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