What is the Best Operating System for Your New PC Build?

Here we take a quick look at the best operating systems for you to choose for your new gaming PC build. We also recommend you to some good sites where you can learn how to install these operating systems.

For the complete beginners who don't know what an operating system is, it's the software used by a computer to manage information and it forms the basic working environment of your PC system.

The operating system contains several different programs which handles basic tasks such as manipulating files, running programs, and controlling input and output.

Microsoft has been established as aleader in developing operating systems for the home user with their Windows series of operating system software, but there are also other options such as Linux or Mac.

Every new custom build requires operating system to be installed so that you can actually use your PC. But which one should you use for your new PC build? The short answer is either Windows 8 or Windows 7. Both are great options for your new machine.

If you're not sure which you should get, just get 8 because it's the latest. But there are quite a few people who still prefer 7 over 8, so using 7 for a new build is totally fine too and there is still plenty of support for it because it's very popular.

Let's take a look at the operating systems that Windows has released over the years and links to tutorials to install the common ones these days.

Note: Yes, some enthusiasts are still installing old versions for whatever reasons, but if you're building a new PC with Windows 7 or 8 just scroll down to those).

Windows 95

Windows 95 was the first large release of Windows, and gave home users many different features that were unheard of before. Some main features were a graphical user interface, Plug n Play mode, and video and sound playback.

Windows 98

After Windows 95 came Windows 98 which saw some added capabilities such as USB and AGP technology, and also a large database of drivers for new hardware. Windows 98 Second Edition was released shortly after with added updates and some bugs fixed up.

Learn how to install Windows 98 here.

Windows Me

Windows Millenium Edition followed, and again there were more features such as new hardware and software support, and a better visual interface.

Learn how to install Windows Me here.

Windows XP

The release of Windows XP saw a whole range of improvements in the operating system series. The visual interface was a noticeable improvement, and support for new technologies like Firewire, USB 2.0, and CD and DVD burning too.

Learn how to install Windows XP here.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista came after XP and saw further developments in the user interface, and the usual new hardware updates and features. Some other features to mention are a better networking design, and new multimedia tools.

Learn how to install Windows Vista here.

Windows 7 (recommended)

And now we come to Windows 7 which was released in late 2009 and is still to this day one of the most popular operating systems of all time. Installing it is very easy and self-explanatory so you shouldn't need help, but if you get stuck then check out how to install Windows 7 here.

Windows 8 (recommended)

And now to the latest Windows, version 8, which introduced some great new features including a brand new user interface where the start menu is nowhere to be seen (to the outrage of many users - although most people are used to the new interface by now) and is another great option for your new PC build.

Just like with Windows 7, installation is an absolute breeze and simply a matter of sticking the CD in and then following the on-screen instructions. But if you get stuck check out this tutorial.

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