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The Best Amazon Australia Prime Day Deals for PC Gamers & Tech Enthusiasts (2019 Edition)

We're Hand-Picking the Best Deals We Find on Hardware, Desktops, Laptops and Accessories

USA Readers: See our North America Prime Day 2019 Deals Guide

Last Updated: July 16, 2019 (1:02am Australian EST)

Amazon Prime Day, the annual sales event of the online giant, has now begun in Australia. While there's been some amazing deals on previous Prime Days, with some even bigger discounts on products compared to even Black Friday, not all deals are equal.

See all the live Australian deals here.

Some are much more worth it than others, and on this page we'll be sorting through the great, the good, and the average to bring to you only the best deals that we find as PC gamers to help you more easily pinpoint the biggest discounts on quality PC hardware components, prebuilt gaming desktops, gaming laptops, virtual reality headsets, PC accessories, games, and any other noteworthy tech deals. Plus, some deals aren't as obvious to find and you gotta dig around a bit instead of just relying on browsing the main deals section on Amazon.

We'll continually update this page as we keep sifting and hand-picking the best deals we find within the thousands of Prime Day Australia deals. You can support our work by using our links below should you be buying anything this year, as we may earn a small commission on any purchases you end up making after using our links (at no extra cost to you).

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon's Prime Day is now well-established as the second largest online sales day of the year for all-things tech, second only to notorious Black Friday (and its closely-related cousin Cyber Monday). Over the years there have been impressive discounts on good hardware components, laptops, desktops, gaming accessories - you name it. So it's a good time of year to either build a new system or upgrade your current one. 

Is Prime Day Good in Australia?

As Amazon's down-under aussie operation is still in its infancy, last year was Amazon Australia's first ever Prime Day (it's been going on longer in the US and other countries) with a decent array of deals on tech (not as many as in the USA, though). But this year in 2019, Amazon Prime Day in Australia is expected to be better. Also keep in mind as an Aussie you essentially get around 3 days to hunt for the best Prime Day deals, as USA deals will still be going by the time Wednesday comes around (and the best of the best Prime Day deals will be in the US and you can always ship to Australia).

When Does Prime Day Start in Australia?

Prime Day is officially Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th (it goes for 2 days this year for the first time ever), with the first deals starting right at the stroke of midnight on Sunday and continuing until the end of Tuesday.

How to Take Advantage of the Deals

The best Prime Day deals are reserved for Amazon Prime members, but the great news is you can sign up for a free 30 day trial, and you could even cancel your membership before the free trial ends and never get charged at all, while still being able to take advantage of the potentially great deals over these 2 days.

There are great perks to staying an Amazon member though, and it's only $6.99 AUD a month (or under 60 bucks a year). With a Prime membership you get free shipping on domestic purchases and faster shipping (2 day delivery), as well as free access to Amazon streaming services including Twitch, Prime Music and Prime Video, among other benefits. If you shop on Amazon at all throughout the year, it's a genuinely a no-brainer to be a member, especially for the free and faster shipping for members.

Note: For some products the final discounted Prime Day price only shows at checkout, so the final price may be lower than the initial price that's displayed on the product listing.

Best Deals on Hardware Components

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6 Core Processor
Deal Price: $249 plus additional savings applied at checkout

A very fast CPU for gaming and workstation tasks that's just been replaced by the new Ryzen 3000 series but is still absolutely worth considering at its attractive price.

Kingston SA400 SSD 480GB
Deal Price: $84.40 AUD

Not a bad price at all for a healthy-sized 480GB SSD from a reliable name in the storage game.

Crucial MX500 1TB M.2
Crucial MX500 500GB M.2
Crucial MX500 250GB M.2

You can get 10% off super-fast Crucial SSDs. Not a huge discount, but anything helps with pricey SSDs.

CORSAIR RM750x 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
Deal Price: $137.75 AUD (discounted price only shows at checkout)

Decent deal on a quality gold-rated PSU with 750 watts of power for high-end PCs.

Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB Windowed Compact Mid-Tower (White) (and the black model)
Deal Price: ~$175 AUD (discounted price only shows at checkout)

A top case from Corsair with impressive looks and quality throughout. One of the best mid-range cases on the market.

CORSAIR H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
Deal Price: $172.35 AUD (discounted price only shows at checkout)

If you need a large 280mm liquid CPU cooler for your high-end gaming CPU, Corsair models are some of the best (we include them in many of our sample high-end builds on the site). The H115i RGB is no exception and has a nicely slashed price.

Best Deals on Gaming Monitors

Acer Predator XB240B 24" 144Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor
Deal Price: $298 AUD minus 20% (final price only shows for Prime members at checkout)

A quality super-fast 1ms response rate monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate that will show additional savings for members.

Acer VG240Y 23.8" IPS Monitor
Deal Price: $249 AUD minus 20% (final price only shows for Prime members at checkout)

Another good gaming monitor that will show additional savings at checkout for Prime members. This one is also great for gamers with a lighting fast 1ms response rate which is fastest you can get.

Acer SA270 27" IPS 1080p Monitor
Deal Price: $248 AUD minus 20% (final price only shows for Prime members at checkout)

Acer SA240 23.8" IPS 1080p Monitor
Deal Price: $186 AUD minus 20% (final price only shows for Prime members at checkout)

Best Deals on Gaming Headsets, Mice, Keyboards & More

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Deal Price: $191.75 AUD (you'll only see the discount price at checkout. usually sells ~$200)

A tried and true gaming keyboard model that is universally loved. Pricey, even at its discounted price for Prime Day, but worth considering if you're wanting the absolute best keyboard possible.

Corsair M65 RGB Elite Black Gaming Mouse
Deal Price: $81.18 AUD (you'll only see the discount price at checkout. usually sells for ~$90-100)

Only a small discount on this mouse, but it's a great mid-range model so you can't complain if you need to upgrade your desk pet for better accuracy and control in your games.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse
Deal Price: $86.38 AUD (you'll only see the discount price at checkout)

A very solid gaming mouse from Corsair who produce some of the best peripherals in the world for gamers. If you're an avid gamer who wants to win at all costs, you'll typically want to avoid wireless products, however there are some exceptions and this high-end model is super responsive and well worth considering to do away with pesky cords.

Corsair Void PRO RGB Wireless Premium Gaming Headset
Deal Price: $121.72 AUD (you'll only see the discount price at checkout)

A great deal on a high-quality wireless gaming headset from ever-reliable Corsair. Can't go wrong with this one if you're in need of an audio upgrade.

MSI MAG CH110 Gaming Chair
Deal Price: $439.31 AUD (doesn't list previous price but is usually ~$500)

If you want to sit in style while gaming and working, this high-quality luxury gaming chair is around 50 bucks or so off right now. Not huge but worth it if you're in the market for a quality chair.

Corsair Elgato Game Capture HD60 S
Deal Price: $197.37 AUD (you'll only see the discount price at checkout. normally sells around $230-$250 ish)

A quality capture card from a reputable brand for streaming games that's currently decently discounted.

Best Deals on Prebuilt Gaming Desktops

MSI have decent deals on their prebuilt gaming desktops which aren't too shabby and the next best thing to building your own system if you don't have the patience or time to do it yourself.

MSI Trident A 8SC-097AU High-End Small Form Factor PC (i7, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 2TB HDD)
Deal Price: $2,799.00 (was $3,079.45)

MSI Infinite 8SC-604AU Enthusiast Gaming Desktop (i7, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD)
Deal Price: $2,299.00 (was $2,528.90)

Best Deals on Gaming Laptops

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop (17.3-inch 1080p, i7-8750H, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 2TB HDD)
Deal Price: $2,474.01 AUD minus additional savings at checkout for members only

ASUS ROG Strix Scar II Gaming Laptop (RTX 2070, i7, 16GB RAM, 144Hz 15" Display)
Deal Price: $2,639.34 AUD (was $3,314.15)

A quite heavily discounted gaming laptop from a solid manufacturer that packs serious power with an i7 CPU, 144Hz 15 inch 1080p display with a fast 3ms reponse time, and most importantly a mighty RTX 2070 graphics card to get excellent frame rates in the latest games. It's also got a 1TB HDD with a 256GB SSD and 16GB of RAM for great overall system performance (not just gaming).

ASUS ROG Strix Scar II Gaming Laptop (GTX 1070, i7, 16GB RAM, 144Hz 15" Display))
Deal Price: $2,375.33 AUD (was $3,167.11)

Another quite heavily discounted, high-quality mpbile gaming beast with a GTX 1070 graphics card instead of the slightly newer RTX 2070 of the machine above.

ASUS ROG Strix Hero II Gaming Laptop (GTX 1060, i7, 16GB RAM, 144Hz 15" Display)
Deal Price: $1,870.40 AUD (was $2,493.87)

Another high-end gaming laptop from ASUS with similar specs as the model above, but with a GTX 1060 instead for a more affordable (yet still very fast) mid to high-end gaming rig. Nicely discounted too.

ASUS TUF FX505 Gaming Laptop (GTX 1050, Ryzen 7, 8GB RAM, 15" Display)
Deal Price: $974.25 AUD (was $1,299.00)

A budget gaming laptop that's a few hundred bucks off that will get you decent 1080p performance with its GTX 1050 graphics card. The standout specs are the high-end Ryzen 7 processor and decent-sized 512GB SSD though, which makes this a great work PC as well. It's got 8GB of RAM which is enough for modern gaming and okay for workstation applications, but you can always upgrade as it supports up to 32GB RAM (and if you do strenuous tasks like video editing you'll want to add another 8GB module to have 16GB).

Did We Mess Something Up?

Happy deal hunting guys. Oh, and if we accidentally listed a wrong price or you think we missed a good deal, do let us know if you want to do your good deed for the day and potentially help other readers (and much appreciated in advance my friend). Anyway, hope this page may come in handy on your hunt as it can sometimes be a tad confusing when shopping for the best deals on high quality products during a big shopping event like Prime Day, and deciphering between the good, the great, and the perhaps not so great deals out there.