Building a Cheap Gaming Computer -
3 Tips To Save Money On Your Build

High performance gaming computers can be pretty expensive and if you're like most people you won't have a spare few thousand lying around for your new gaming build. The following 3 tips presented in this article can help you to minimize your spendings on your budget custom gaming PC. Remember, be a smart, patient consumer, not an impulsive one.

1. Reuse Old Parts

The first tip to building a cheap gaming computer is reuse. You should try scavenging for parts as much as you can. Many older second-hand components that are still in good condition will be fine for your computer, assuming you're not interested in building a brand new machine.

If you have an older computer lying around, strip out all the useful parts. You may be able to reuse components such as the floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse, graphics card, sound card, and potentially even the case. This will leave you with only the core components to buy, the CPU, motherboard, RAM, and hard drive.

2. Watch For The 'Sweet Spot' In Market

If you don’t want the very latest high-performing components because they are too expensive, you can look for what's called the ‘sweet spot’ in the market. A component is said to be in the sweet spot when that certain component has gone through a recent price drop/s yet still performs at a level comparable to that of the high-end offereings. Our custom budget gaming build examples include the latest components in the sweet spot to help you with choosing the best value parts for your own build.

In other words, it's a component that is currently regarded as high value with great performance for the money. Also, take note of upcoming releases of new components. The price of existing products will usually drop before and/or after such new components are released on the market. Timing your purchases has the potential to save you some decent money.

3. Shop Around For Components

To get the best deals on your components you should shop around. This seems obvious, but not many people actually do it. Do not buy impulsively. Instead, be an informed and smart buyer. Also, try to compare prices from various vendors. If you are in no hurry to build your computer, compare prices over a few weeks. This will help you spot the real bargains when they come along.

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