Computer Gaming Magazine -
Which is the Best?

There are many PC computer gaming magazines out there. If you're stuck on making a decision as to which magazine to spend your money on, we offer you our honest advice.

After checking out all the most popular gaming magazines, there's a couple that stand out in the crowd. The following magazines are our top recommendations that will surely be worth your while:

PC Gamer

PC Gamer is perhaps the grand daddy of all computer gaming magazines. Founded in 1993, PC Gamer has had amazing success over the years with tons of loyal readers all around the world. There is a British, American, and an Australian edition available.

The magazine features reviews of the latest PC computer games, previews of upcoming games, and news on the latest developments in the games industry. You also get features such as news relating to computer hardware, game modding, classic games, and other topics.

On top of all this you get a DVD disk with the magazine, which contains game demos, game movie previews, and useful computer files such as game patches and programs.

With all this great content and a jam-packed magazine full of good reading, enthusiast PC gamers cannot wait each month for their new copy of PC Gamer. We highly recommend it.

PC PowerPlay

PC PowerPlay is another great computer gaming magazine that we recommend. Although its only available in Australia and New Zealand. It's style and information is similar to PC Gamer, and choosing between the two magazines is simply a matter of preference.

Like PC Gamer, PC PowerPlay also comes with a DVD disk jam-packed full of demos, movies, files, etc. So if you're in Australia/NZ then we'd suggest you give it a go.

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