Need Help Choosing & Deciding on the Best Parts List for Your Budget? 

We'll Tap Into Over a Decade of Hardware Experience to Thoroughly-Research the Best Cost-Effective, Quality List of Parts & Accessories to Help You Save $$ on Your Build & Maximize Gaming Performance

"Surprisingly, the hardest part about building a computer is deciding which parts to use and purchase"

That's a quote from someone at hardware company NZXT and after having run for many years and based on the thousands of emails we've received from readers, it's true.  

That's why we decided to setup this email help service because unfortunately if you email us with detailed questions about your parts we can't reply most of the time because there's only so much time in the day and build/hardware research can easily and quickly rack up in hours for some builds.

So if you want proper 1 on 1 support with choosing the best parts, this service might be just what you need.

PC gaming can be an expensive hobby so you want to make sure you're 100% confident in the parts-list you end up going with to ensure you get the performance and features that you wanted in the first place, to ensure your build lasts roughly as long as you'd like, and to avoid hardware/compatibility/upgrade issues during or after your build.

Simply send in a build request below (please be specific) and we'll do our best to carefully conjure up the best build we can for you. Yes, you can include accessories and add-on components etc in your build request.

Even though it can sometimes take hours of work to research certain builds, we've kept the price as low as possible for this service to make it affordable for any PC gamer. Plus, we don't want to be cutting into your PC build's budget now do we!

Once you receive your personalised parts-list you can ask any follow up questions and we'll continue to help you until you're satisfied.

We look forward to helping you research your dream build and thanks for supporting the site!


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Receive Your Custom Parts-List Within 24-48 Hours

Fill out your build details below: (please try to be as specific as you can so we can help you better)

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Traditional Hard Drive
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DVD Drive/Burner (optional these days)
Aftermarket CPU Cooler (for overclocking or high-end cooling)
Dedicated Sound Card (totally optional)
Speakers (budget/mid-range)
Mouse Pad (standard size)
Mouse Pad (extra large size)
Mouse Pad (wide size to rest keyboard on too)
Wireless Networking Card
Wireless USB Dongle
Blu-ray Drive/Burner
Anti-static wrist band
USP Power Supplly
RGB LED Lighting Kit
VR Headset
Router (must give details below)
Aftermarket LED Case Fans (must give detail below)