How To Extend Laptop Battery Life

Here are some quick tips on how you can easily extend your laptop battery life. Battery life varies from model to model, so when choosing a laptop to buy you want to consider the battery life specs. But thankfully there are some simple things you can do to reduce your battery usage. The more battery life you save, the more time you can spend working or playing on your laptop away from a power source.

1. Use less power on your laptop 

Changing your laptop's power settings, such as reducing the brightness of the display, can help to extend laptop battery life. Also, your laptop's battery life will drain faster if you have multiple applications running at the same time, so try to limit the amount of applications you have open at once.

Keep in mind that the type of applications you run determines how much battery is being used. For example, running a word document uses far less power than playing a 3D game. Games and other 3D graphical applications generate more heat and quite a lot of power because the CPU and graphics card are having to work hard to produce the great visuals you see on your screen.

2. Disconnect unused accessories

Using extra computer accessories and peripherals such as an external mouse, keyboard, hard drive, or optical drive requires more power from your laptop.

So when you are not using these devices make sure you unplug them from your laptop so that you can save some extra battery life. Every little bit of battery life counts!

This also applies to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. If you're not connected to a wireless network or you are not using any bluetooth device, make sure to turn off these features.

3. Avoid high temperature areas

Another tip to maximize laptop battery life is to avoid using your laptop in very hot or cold surroundings. Laptops work more efficiently in cooler temperature. Keeping any external laptop fans clean and free from dust will also help in keeping your laptop just that little bit cooler. 

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