Fastest Non-Overclocking Gaming PC Build for $1200 (Dec 2016)

(flawless full-HD gaming for 2017 and beyond, VR-Ready, 500GB SSD)

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Date Published: Dec 14, 2016

If you're building a new computer for gaming and you know you won't be overclocking over your PC's lifetime (for most builders there's no need for overclocking to be honest) - the following parts is what I'd currently go for to maximize a budget of around $1200 (for the core components) and end up with an awesome stylish-looking high-performing gaming rig that's built to last. No mucking around, let's get straight into the parts:

Fastest Non-Overclocking Gaming Build

*Note* - The estimated total cost was calculated at the time of writing but component prices can fluctuate often.

Motherboard: A solid non-overclocking motherboard from a reliable motherboard manufacturer in Asus. Can't go wrong with this one, and it'll provide a nice reliable base for your new rig.

CPU: The Intel Core i7-6700 is the best high-end processor for non-overclockers, and comes with a stock fan which performs well enough so there's no need to get a separate CPU cooler.

RAM: 16GB of DDR4 RAM is a ton of the latest spec memory that'll last you a long, long time. A little overkill for gaming right now as you would hardly see a difference if you were to get 8GB instead, however 16GB really does future-proof this build further and what I always recommend when building a high-end gaming rig. Can't go wrong with Kingston branded RAM either.

Graphics: The EVGA 1070 8GB is the best high-end graphics card right now second only to the 1080 which isn't necessary for high-end gaming in standard resolutions. Expect this card to have you playing any of the latest games very smoothly, even the most demanding ones, for years to come.

SSD: A decent-sized, fast, reliable solid state drive. Crucial SSDs are great value and generally perform superbly. 

PSU: 650 watts is more than enough power for this PC, even taking into account any sort of basic upgrades down the line. However, if you know that you'll likely add a second graphics card later down the road (ie a second 1070) then you may want to get a 750 watt unit just to be safe (even though you could still get away with 650 for 2 x 1070's). Speaking of dual graphics cards, don't think it's necessary at all as a single 1070 is a very powerful graphics setup. As for the actual power supply chosen, it's a high-quality gold-rated unit that is easily one of the better value for money choices.

Case: A pretty awesomely designed and decent quality mid-tower case at a good price. One common gripe with this case is the lackluster cable management, however for our purposes that doesn't matter to be honest as the EVGA power supply above is fully modular (meaning no extensive extra cabling to worry about!).

So that's it for our best current example of building the fastest non-overclocking gaming build for $1200 - Enjoy and hopefully this helped you out!