How To Install a Monitor And Drivers

In this short and sweet article we explain how to install a monitor and drivers for your newly built PC. This has got to be one of the easiest steps out of all in building a computer, and I'm fairly sure that most of you will be able to do this without any help at all.

Connect the monitor to your PC

The first step to installing your new monitor is to plug it in to your PC. Monitors are usually connected via two cables, the first being the one that plugs into the video output port on the back of your video card.

If your PC has on-board graphics instead of a dedicated graphics card, then you will find the video port on the back of your motherboard. Either way, make sure the cable connector is screwed in nice and tightly to the video port.

Also, if you've got yourself a fancy new LCD TV instead of a normal LCD/CRT monitor then it plugs into either the HDMI port or S-Video port on your PC.

The second cable that the monitor comes with plugs into a power source. Instead of plugging the power cable straight into a wall socket, we recommend that you plug it into a good surge protector. Monitors can be sensitive to power surges and spikes, therefore it's a good idea to protect yourself and your equipment by doing this. It's not 100% necessary though.

Installing Monitor Drivers

Note: If you're following our PC Installation Guide step by step, then you won't be able to turn on your monitor and install monitor drivers just yet because you haven't even installed the operating system yet! Come back to this step after you have installed the operating system.

Once your monitor is plugged in for the first time and you turn on the PC, Windows will hopefully detect the new monitor and ask for your drivers installation disk that should have come with your monitor.

If you haven't got the disk for some reason, you should be able to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. Otherwise, you can let Windows install the monitor as a generic Plug and Play Monitor. For most cases this is fine too.

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