The Best Massage Chairs for Gaming (2018 Buying Guide)

Last Updated: Jan 6, 2018

Gamers often spend countless hours playing their favorite games and having a quality chair that also simultaneously gives you the occasional massage whilst you frag enemies might be something that tickles your fancy if you're looking to maximize comfort, health, and reduce pain. Or to perhaps enjoy gaming even more by allowing yourself to relax into the experience.

We've searched around for the best gaming massage chairs we could find on the market right now to help you choose the right one, and we've included tips on what to look for in a good massage chair and whether or not they're actually worth the money in the first place. Let's get to it.

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What to Look for in a Massage Chair

Not all massaging chairs are created equal, and if you want to buy one for gaming (or any other purpose) then you should consider the following things in your research.

  • Quality, Comfort & Durability - These can either be snuffed out for yourself by physically trying a chair in-person or by carefully reading customer and/or professional reviews and basing your decision on that. Higher-end massage chairs can be a real financial investment and so you want to be sure you're buying a high-quality product that'll last and that actually does a good job of massaging your back and/or other areas of your body (depending on its features). Keep in mind comfort is subjective though, so even if someone says a chair feels great it may not for your particular body shape, so be sure to do a lot of homework especially if you're buying online.
  • Size - Some chairs are quite big and clunky, and possibly a pain to move around, so you'll want to consider whether or not you have the space in your house for such a beast. Massage chairs don't really fit well into a typical lounge setup, so ideally you'll want a separate gaming room with enough space for your chair, or set aside a nice amount of space in your office.
  • Warranty - This is especially important if you're getting a high-end massage chair. Make sure you know how long the warranty is and whether or not you're fully covered in case something becomes faulty as big massage chairs aren't something you want to try and fix yourself as they can be really complicated things.
  • Features - Consider what features you want in a gaming massage chair such as the type of massage/s offered, connections such as headphones/USB/iphone ports, and other things.

4 of the Best Massage Chairs

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