Gaming/Workstation PC Build Advice
(free parts-list critique service)

If you don't need a fresh new parts-list researched and planned for you from the ground-up (see The Human Build Generator for that), and just want a quick feedback and second opinion on your parts-list, enter your build below to get free PC build advice from a computer hardware expert (me, the creator of BGC).

I'm not here to claim I know it all and am a hardware god sent from the heavens, but I do know a thing or two about planning good PC builds, so if you've found the content here at BGC helpful and want my advice on your build then fire away below and I'll be glad to help.

Please note that I must give precedence to those who hire me to research their new build from scratch, so I will help those people first before being able to respond to your parts-list below. But I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP within 1-5 days depending on my current workload (and how busy I am with BGC). If you're lucky I may be able to respond very quickly if you have a fairly simple build to look over.

Thanks for understanding guys, but I hope I can help you out with your build.

IMPORTANT: So I can give you better workstation/gaming PC build advice, please be as specific as possible below about what you're trying to achieve with this build, including resolution, specific games/apps you'll be running, game settings you want to run, FPS you're aiming for, etc. 

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