Build A Quiet Computer -
How To Quiet Down PC Noise

Want to build a quiet computer that will run as silent as the night? Here you can learn how to quiet down PC noise. Let's face it, a noisy pc can be very annoying and sometimes even unbearable.

Imagine you have just built or bought your dream gaming pc, containing a very fast CPU, high-end graphics card, lots of quality RAM, and all the other bells and whistles that modern gaming computers have.

So you start up one of your favourite games and you are amazed at your new PC's performance. But there's just one thing getting in the way of your enjoyment, the damn thing is so freakin' loud! Inside your dream (turned nightmare) PC, the CPU fan is spinning like crazy causing a lot of noise, the video card cooling system is also screaming its head off, your hard drive is spinning at 7200 repetitions per minute, not to mention the multiple case and power supply fans. All this adds up to making your running PC louder than a jet (Ok, maybe not that loud but you get the point).

Well if you're in that situation then you'll be glad to know there's a lot you can do to kill the noise and end up with a very quiet computer. There are many good reasons to quiet your PC down, or build a new silent one. The information we have here can help you build a quiet PC. Even if your PC is only relatively loud and you want to make it as silent as possible, then you can do that too. There are quite a few different ways to reduce noise levels to make a quiet computer.

The components that could be contributing to the noise are your computer's case fans, CPU fans, power supply fans, video card fans, the hard drive, and even optical drives.

The main sources of noise in a PC is the CPU fan, power supply, and the case fan. These are the main three culprits, but there are other sources of noise too such as the hard drive, motherboard fan, video card fan, and optical drive.

So if your computer is too loud for your liking, then firstly find out where the noise is mostly coming from. Open up your case whilst your computer is running and try to pinpoint the exact component/s that is doing the damage. You might find the noise is a combination of different parts.

Or if you're building a new PC, keep all this information in mind as you are choosing all your components. Here are some guides to reduce noise from the specific parts that are typically noisy:

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All these parts can cause a PC to be noisy, especially if they are just stock parts with stock fans. You can browse a range of cooling parts from leading companies online hereicon to help make your PC as silent as possible. We recommend buying from there because of their great products, lowest prices, and top-notch customer service and shipping.

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