Guide To Quiet CPU Cooling -
How To Keep Your CPU Running Silently

If you want your CPU running silently then ultra quiet cpu cooling fans are the answer. If you have a noisy PC then chances are your CPU fan is one of the main culprits.

The problem with most stock/OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) CPU fans is that they are designed with size and performance primarily in mind. They are usually small enough to fit in almost any PC case, yet they still need to be powerful to cool the CPU. That usually leaves you with a noisy CPU fan because since the fan is small, it needs to spin very fast to generate enough power to cool the CPU. And the faster the fan spins, the louder it is.

So what's the solution to the problem? Simple, get a bigger fan! The bigger the fan, the slower it will spin and that means a quieter CPU. Ultra quiet cpu cooling fans are usually the largest fans on the market, and they are the ones we recommend.

If you want the very best CPU fan for a silent PC, then take a look at this cooler:

The Best Silent CPU Fan

Zalman is THE brand for CPU coolers, nobody sells better quality coolers and they pretty much dominate the market these days. Their latest and greatest cooler is the Zalman CNPS9700LED Ultra Quiet Cpu Cooler. It will effectively, and most importantly, silently cool almost every single CPU out there, even all the powerful high-end models. The fan on this cooler is a huge 120mm, which spins at only 1250 RPM meaning completely silent operation.

With this cooler you are able to adjust the fan speed manually yourself, or you can get the Zalman 9700 NT version which automically changes the fan speed for you to suit your particular CPU. Although most people will do fine with the normal version and setting the fan speed to its slowest setting.

You can find the Zalman CNPS 9700 CPU Cooler for under 50 bucks (USD) here at If you find it for a cheaper price somewhere else, do let me know.

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