Buying A Quiet Hard Drive
For Your Silent PC

Not all hard drives are the same when it comes to noise, there are some specially designed quiet hard drives out there that will run silently which is what we will take a look at in this article.

Hard drives create noise due to resonance. When running inside a computer case, a hard drive will tend to vibrate the case because of its spinning platters and the moving seek head inside the drive. Depending on your setup, it can cause quite a bit of unwanted noise.

If you buy a quiet hard drive in the first place then this resonance will be eliminated. Furthermore, you can mount the drive with things like rubber grommets, rubber screws, or a hard drive silencer to reduce noise even further but it is not necessary.

Two brands I would recommend for silent hard drives are the Seagate Barracuda and Western Digital Caviar Green range of hard drives. The new Caviar Green series of hard drives by Western Digital use fluid dynamic bearings as opposed to the older type ball bearing motor, creating a silent hard drive. If you want a silent PC, buy one of these.

The Western Digital Caviar Green Silent Hard Drive

They come in a range of different sizes and caches too. In my current gaming computer I am using the Western Digital Caviar Green 500GB and it runs like a dream. As well as being an extremely silent hard drive, it is very fast too. You can find the best silent hard drives here at the lowest prices, and with fast shipping all over the world.

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