Other Gaming Hardware/Technology Resources

(Our Favorite Websites, Books & YouTube Channels for DIY Gaming & PC Building)

Last Updated: May 22, 2018

Recommended Gaming Hardware/Tech Sites


Classic, long-running, well-respected site in the hardware world with an eye for detail.


Good gaming hardware benchmarks and other general tech info.


Handy to conduct compatibility checks on your potential parts-list.

BuildAPC SubReddit

If you like using Reddit this is a solid community of fellow DIY gamers, some of whom may know their stuff and provide valuable insights.


Long-standing hardware review site with a solid hardware forum.

Recommended Gaming Hardware/Tech Books

The Gaming Build Blueprint: 2018 Edition

The photo-filled, step-by-step eBook manual we recently released for first-time builders that covers every topic and sub-topic you'd ever want to know to plan, build, and maintain/optimize the best PC possible all in the one downloadable digital guide.

Upgrading and Repairing PCs

A classic book in the hardware industry that's more general in nature and which covers a wide range of potentially super-useful topics as a DIY gamer and hardware enthusiast.

Recommended Gaming Hardware/Tech YouTube Channels

Linus Tech Tips

Smart, good guy who knows gaming tech inside out. Good insights.

Paul's Hardware

Another good tech YouTuber.

Razer Videos

Innovative gaming company with cool tech vids.

NZXT Videos

Cool hardware vids from another innovative tech company.

Recommended Online Courses

*coming soon*