Other PC Building Resources
(Websites, Books & YouTube Channels)

This is our hand-picked list of other PC building resources, sites, books and video channels that may come in handy.

Other Sites on Building a PC


Strange name but good site, although we can't really talk: what were we thinking with those dashes..


Good for news and they do nice gaming benchmarks.


User reviews and handy for part compatibility checks.

BuildAPC SubReddit

If you like Reddit this is a solid community.


Long-standing site with good reviews and a good forum.

Books on Building a PC

The Gaming Build Blueprint: 2018 Edition

Shameless plug for our eBook but we do believe it's a good fit for beginners who want all the A-to-Z steps of planning, building and optimizing a build all in the one fairly-concise book.

Upgrading and Repairing PCs

More of a general hardware book that covers many different things which is handy if you want to work in hardware as a profession (or are studying computer science in college), or are just curious to delve deeper into the world of how computers work, repairs, upgrades, etc. 

YouTube Channels on Building a PC

Linus Tech Tips

Cool dude who knows his stuff.

Paul's Hardware

Another cool dude who, surprise surprise, knows his stuff.

Channel X

Are you an aspiring YouTuber who knows hardware inside out and good on camera? Translate our site's content into cool videos and we may pay/hire you ;)