Other Trusted Gaming Hardware Resources
(Fav Sites, YouTube Channels & Books)


Classic, long-running, well-respected site in the hardware world with an eye for detail.


Good gaming hardware benchmarks and other general tech info.


Doesn't really help with choosing the right parts, but useful to conduct compatibility checks on your potential parts-list.

BuildAPC SubReddit

If you like using Reddit this is a solid community of fellow DIY gamers, some of whom may know their stuff and provide valuable insights.


Long-standing hardware site for enthusiasts with a usually solid hardware forum full of knowledgeable cats.

The Gaming Build Blueprint

Perhaps the most ground-breaking book ever conceived in human history, this book not only teaches you everything you need to know about planning, building and optimizing your first PC, but word through the grapevine is it'll change your life, turn you into a ladies man, and cure cancer. 

Upgrading and Repairing PCs

A classic book in the hardware industry that's more general in nature and covers a wide range of potentially super-useful topics as a DIY gamer and hardware enthusiast. Known as a bit of a bible among computer engineers.

Linus Tech Tips

Smart guy who knows his stuff and knows how to entertain.

Paul's Hardware

Another good PC tech YouTuber with interesting insights.

Gamer's Nexus

Steve's a true PC master. I'm a fan.

Razer Videos

Innovative gaming company we all know and love who also dish out some cool tech vids.

NZXT Videos

Cool hardware vids from another innovative well-loved company.

Hardware Unboxed

Good channel on the latest in hardware.