How to Install RAM in your PC

In this article you will learn how to install RAM modules into your new PC. It's very easy to do and will take less than a couple of minutes. Make sure you have chosen RAM that is compatible with your computer.

If you're not building a new PC and are just adding RAM to an existing computer, make sure you check that doing so yourself won't void the warranty. Certain manufacturers have the computer case sealed and require you to have an authorized technician put the RAM in themselves.

Ok, firstly you need to locate the memory banks which are a series of slots on your motherboard where RAM modules are placed. When you have found the memory banks you can remove your RAM module/s from the anti-static bag and install them. To install the RAM you simple line it up with the memory bank and slide it in carefully until it is secure. Some memory banks will have little clamps on either side that you push down to fully secure the RAM in place.

Note that this is how you install DIMM RAM. If you're installing SIMM you will need to place the RAM into the memory bank slot at a slight 45 degree angle, and push it forward until it's perpendicular to your motherboard.

That's all there is to it. Now you have learned how to install RAM you will be able to add and remove RAM modules quickly and easily whenever you like. The most common type of upgrade to a PC to improve performance is to add some more RAM to it, and now you know how.

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