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GPU Prices Going Down (April 2018 Market Update)

When Will Graphics Card Prices Drop?

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Virtual Reality PC Build Guide

Best Graphics Cards Under $100

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Best Refurbished Gaming Laptops

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Beginner's Guide to Gaming Computer Parts

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5 Great Reasons Building Beats Buying

Tips to Save Money and Build the Cheapest Rig

Gaming Laptop Buyer's Guide


ATI CrossFire Guide

What Is SuperSpeed USB 3

Different DVD Formats Explained

Which are the Best Operating Systems

How To Clean LCD Monitors

Dual Monitor Video Card Guide

How To Extend Laptop Battery Life Easily

Wireless Networking Guide

What is an Ethernet Card and How to Set Up a Home Network

Build A World Of Warcraft Computer

32 Bit Vs 64 Bit

What Is Blu Ray?

How to Make My Computer Run Faster

What Is Cache And Its Importance

Intel vs AMD: The Hot Debate

External Video Card Guide

Quad Core CPU vs Dual Core CPU

What Is A Video Card

Intel Pentium vs Celeron: A Comparison

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

What are Refurbished Desktop Computers?

Building a Quiet Computer

Quiet CPU Cooling Guide

Tips for a Quiet Computer Case And Fan

Tips for a Quiet Computer Power Supply

Tips for a Silent Video Card

Tips for a Quiet Hard Drive

Good Reasons To Quiet Your PC

How a CPU Works in a Nutshell

How to Install a CPU and Heatsink

Applying Thermal Compound

How to Install RAM

Installing a Graphics Card

How to Install a Sound Card

How to Install a Hard Drive

How to Install a Monitor And Drivers

How to Install a DVD Drive

How to Install a Floppy Drive

BIOS Configuration and Setup Quick-Guide

Reader-Requested Builds

Fastest Non-Overclocking PC Build for $1200

Compact GTX 1080 Gaming Build with SLI Potential

$1500 High-End Gaming Rig 

The High-End Razer-Themed Gaming Computer

$1600 i7 1070 Gaming PC

$100 Gaming, Streaming & Video Production PC

1080 2-Way SLI Extreme Gaming Build

$1500 1440p Build with 144Hz Monitor

$900 Dark Souls 3 Build

$1500 Witcher 3 Streaming PC Gaming Build 

$1200 Core i5 Gaming Build

$1400 Music Production Dual-Monitor Build


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