Why Build a Computer? 5 Great Reasons Building Beats Buying

If you're a beginner and have never considered building a PC before, you may be wondering "why build a computer when I can just buy a pre-built one?".

It may be a bit of a silly question to any hardware enthusiast who understands the many advantages of building your own machine, but if you know nothing about computers it is a fair question.

Here are 5 solid reasons why building is the the way to go if you want a gaming PC:

1. Maximize Performance for Your Money

The biggest reason why building is highly preferred over buying an already made system is of course to save money. Building is 9 times out of 10 going to be quite a bit cheaper than buying a pre-built system.

In some cases you will save a significant amount of your hard-earned cash, and in general the more you plan on spending on your PC the more you will save compared to buying pre-built.

For most people this reason alone justifies building your own computer. If your wish is to maximize gaming performance for your money (in other words getting the most "bang for your buck"), building a PC simple can't be beat. Period.

2. Build a PC for Your Exact Needs

When you build a PC you can tailor the machine to suit your exact needs to a T - not everyone has the same wants and needs in a machine. You're in control of everything, from the overall performance of your build, to the features and the design, and everything in-between.

3. Easier to Upgrade

With a custom build it's easier to upgrade components later down the track. You built it yourself so you know exactly what sort of upgrades are possible for your machine, and you know how to easily make the upgrades yourself because you built the machine in the first place. With a pre-built machine your upgrades will most likely be quite limited and more difficult to do.

4. Avoid Bloatware

'Bloatware' is the accurate name given to all the useless software and extras that typically comes installed on most pre-built PCs which can really "bloat' and slow your machine down. When you build your own PC you get a fresh and clean new machine and you get to choose exactly what you want to install.

5. Learn a Ton

This is an often overlooked aspect of building your own custom computer. By going the DIY route you will learn a lot about computers, including hardware, upgrading, troubleshooting, fixing computer problems etc. These skills are definitely handy and especially useful if you study or work/plan to work with computers in the future.

Building is the Best!

On top of all that, building a PC is a fun experience. Not just the physical building part, but getting to design your killer system from scratch and choosing out all of your awesome components and features.

Once you have finished your build you will forever have a sense of pride and accomplishment every time you boot up, knowing that you made it all happen and that it's your very own unique machine.

If you're convinced about building your own system but you are a little overwhelmed as a first-time builder I recommend starting with our introduction to building a PC, reading through the hardware guides on this site, and checking out the always-updated custom build examples if you want help with choosing the very best bang for your buck components on the market right now.

It really is very straightforward and anybody can do it. I always say that if you can build lego, you can build a computer. Good luck with your build and enjoy it!