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Building your own gaming computer is the smarter, usually cheaper, and most fun way to get into the exciting world of PC gaming, eSports, streaming, virtual reality, and/or for other demanding non-gaming tasks like video editing´╗┐.

There are many good reasons to build gaming computers instead of buying pre-built gaming desktops: see our list of compelling reasons why building a PC beats buying. The best thing? Assembling a computer from scratch is actually super-easy to do these days even if you're a complete newbie with zero hardware knowledge or experience.

The saying that computer building is basically like Lego for adults (or teens) holds very true, and it's really hard to go wrong with a well-explained step by step guide by your side such as our beginner-friendly walkthrough on how to build a PC from scratch in 2018, which also comes in an extended eBook edition for those who prefer an even more comprehensive guide that you can download and read at any time (or print out) which also contains bonus chapters not found on our site.

Here at we've made it a mission for many years to simplify the oftentimes confusing, fast-paced hardware market to help any first-timer more easily and cleverly build the best, fastest-performing, most reliable (and cool looking) custom gaming computer for your exact budget so you can play your favorite games smoothly in all their glory for as long as possible (and feel a real sense of pride everytime you boot up).

On this ever-evolving site you'll find hardware and accessory buying guides, our monthly-updated best bang for your buck gaming PC builds for all spending amounts, and other tutorials and tips to help you plan the ultimate custom rig, pick the absolute best parts on the market right now, and put your system together without issues.

We also strive to minimize any technical speak/lingo as much as possible so that no noob gets left behind, so that every gamer out there even if you're a complete hardware beginner can easily get into this super-fun and beneficial hobby that will serve as a handy skill for the rest of your gaming days (or for your career if you're in IT).

Already built a gaming PC before? Experienced builders aren't forgotten about either, and as well as our primary aim of helping beginners as much as possible, there are also plenty of nuggets across the site on intermediate/advanced topics such as CPU and GPU overclocking, how to build a water cooling PC, building video editing PCs, assembling rendering/animation workstations, and more

Welcome, and have a blast designing and building the ultimate battle station!

The Best Gaming PC Builds for the Money:
Q2 2018 Edition (May & June)

Recommended PC Builds for Q2 2018

The extensive, painstaking hardware research as been done for you with our monthly-updated gaming PC builds series where each month we publish the best PC builds for different spending budgets to help you maximize bang for your buck. Use our recommended builds exactly as they are, or as a base for your own more personalised parts list.

PC Hardware Buying Guides

How to Choose a Gaming Video Card for Your PC

When you build gaming computers there's no hardware component more crucial than your graphics card and this guide covers what you need to know including the best value GPUs for 1080p, 1440p and 4K.

How to Choose the Best CPU for Gaming

The latest information on buying a processor including Intel vs AMD, which CPU features matter most, and the top bang for your buck gaming CPUs right now.

How to Choose the Best Motherboard for Gaming

Your motherboard is a vital piece of the PC puzzle and in this buying guide you'll learn about the most important features as well as handy tips on selecting the best Intel or AMD motherboard for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Computer Memory/RAM

The RAM in your custom computer plays a role in gaming and general performance and we cover RAM types, speeds, and how much you really need for gaming or other demanding applications.

How to Choose a Hard Drive for Your Build

Traditional storage hard drives are still the go-to when building a gaming computer to stretch your dollar as far as possible (SSDs are faster but more expensive). Learn what you need to look for in a HDD for your desktop PC.

How to Choose an SSD

Whilst totally optional, Solid State Drives are all the rage these days and for good reason as they provide super fast loading of your games and other programs should you have the budget to afford them.

How to Choose the Right Case

The enclosure that houses and protects all of your expensive hardware is an important decision and here we cover everything you need to know to pick the best one for your budget and size preference.

How to Choose the Best Power Supply

Last but definitely not least is the often overlooked PSU which is an important component in the grand scheme of things and should be chosen wisely. Get expert advice on shopping for one here.

How to Choose the Best Accessories

How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor

No point building a killer rig without hooking it up to a decent screen. In this guide you'll learn about the important features that make a good monitor for gaming and the current top rated models.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

Having a comfortable, decent-quality and accurate mouse is important to many gamer's especially for competitive multiplayer games or eSports where every millisecond counts.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes with many different cool features too. We give you the lowdown on how to buy a good one for your budget and feature-needs.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset

Headsets can be a confusing bunch and we do our best to help you make sense of it all as well as advice on picking the best bang for your buck models on the market today for different budgets.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Speakers

Headsets are all the rage these days thanks to the rise of multiplayer/online gaming and the frequent use of chat mics, but sometimes you'll want to crank out a nice set of speakers instead.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Sound Card

Not a necessary component when building a gaming PC but a must-have for high-end audio geeks and enthusiasts who won't settle for anything less than the highest quality audio possible.

Latest Guides, News & Reviews

GPU Prices Going Down: 4 Reasons to be Optimistic About 2018 Pricing

Apr 7, 2018

There's finally some light at the end tunnel for PC builders it seems. In March, GPU stock and pricing were better than usual for once, and there are reasons to be hopeful that pricing may normalize in 2018.

GPU Pricing Inflation: When Will Graphics Card Prices Drop?

Mar 16, 2018

Thanks to the boom of cryptocurrency/Bitcoin mining (which requires graphics cards) current GPU stock and pricing is in a bit of a crisis where cards are well over their RRP. Learn what you need to know when building a PC.

Building or Upgrading a PC for Virtual Reality

Mar 8, 2018

VR is well and truly here with some decent titles out now and many more promising titles on the horizon. This explains what you need to know about VR requirements, picking the right parts, and choosing a headset.

How to Build a Custom Water Cooling PC

Mar 5, 2018

Water cooling comes in two forms: closed-loop all-in-one CPU liquid coolers, and then there's custom water loops. If you're up to the challenge of the latter, this guide is your blueprint.

Building a Computer for CSGO: Hardware Guide

Mar 3, 2018

As a counter strike player you need smooth performance to perform at your best and avoid frame-rate stutters. CS:GO's requirements aren't high, but if you want 144FPS for a 144Hz screen you'll need a decent rig.

Building a Computer for DOTA 2: Hardware Guide

Mar 1, 2018

How to choose the best hardware components for Defence of the Ancients 2 including what minimum setups you need to get either 60FPS or 144FPS if you're using an elite 144Hz screen.