How to Build Your Own Gaming Computers

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Easily Plan and Build Your First Custom Gaming Computer for Less & Without Getting Confused. Always Updated and Unbiased. 

If you want the absolute highest possible performance & graphics quality for your money, building gaming computers is the best way, period. Good news is it's super easy to do these days

Learn everything you'd ever need to know as a computer hardware novice with BGC ( - the simplified yet in-depth PC building guide that explains, in plain English minus the confusing tech-jargon and language typically used by big hardware sites, every step of planning and building a gaming computer from scratch so that you never get stuck along your quest.

When it comes to the premier gaming platform - the mighty PC (not to say consoles ain't great too but PCs allow for superior graphics and is the most flexible platform by far) - you have two choices to start playing. Buy a pre-built gaming computer, or build your own to fully maximize bang for your buck and performance.

Building your own custom gaming computer is the smarter, cheaper, most customizable, and most fun way to get into the wonderful wide-and-ever-expanding world of PC gaming, eSports, streaming and virtual reality to get the most bang for your buck, get the highest frame-rate and graphics quality possible for your specific games, and to end up with an upgrade-friendly system that's built to last you many years.

Simply put, if you want the fastest, longest-lasting, best-looking, and most overall reliable PC for your money to experience optimal modern gaming, the Do-It-Yourself path of building gaming computers like your favorite gaming pros is hands-down the best way if you're willing to simply spend a few hours planning and tweaking the perfect parts-list for your exact budget and needs (which is part of the fun) and then the couple hours or so required to build a gaming PC, which really isn't difficult at all.

There are many other solid reasons to build gaming computers instead of buying overpriced pre-built, off-the-shelf gaming desktops that rarely-if-ever maximize gaming performance and reliability for your money the way that a custom, carefully-selected gaming PC parts-list can. 

Plus, when building your own gaming computer you'll learn a lot, have fun, be able to fully customize your hardware parts in order to get the best performance in your favorite games, customize its look and design and features, as well as building the longest-lasting, flexibly-upgradeable system that will last you longer than any console ever could, would, or should.

But the best thing of all? Building a PC in 2018 is super easy and straightforward, even if you've never even seen the inside of a computer before, and is a hobby accessible to gamers of all tech-skill levels. The saying that building a computer is like building Lego is pretty much accurate, and it's just a matter of following straightforward instructions, plugging things in, connecting cables, installing software, and there's nothing complicated about it.

But whilst building your own gaming computer is a lot easier than it used to be, there are still some details and nuances to be aware of as a beginner so you should always follow a complete guide that explains the building process from start to finish (the manuals that come with hardware parts contains nowhere-near enough instruction for a first-time builder).

If you're the type who likes to learn by reading then don't miss our main PC building guide, How to Build a PC Step by Step in 2018, for full installation instructions and photo guidance. The steps from this guide have helped many beginners overcome their fears or concerns about building their first computer, and it just may be the simplified PC building guide that YOU need to finally achieve your dream of joining the fun-filled Do-It-Yourself land of optimal PC gaming, maximum savings, and sheer satisfaction every time you load up your new battle station of glory.

Plan and Build a Gaming PC More Easily

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Since 2006 Our Constantly-Updated Guides & Tutorials Have Cumulatively Reached Millions of PC Gamers Worldwide and Helped Many to More Easily Build a Better, Faster, More Reliable & Longer-Lasting First Gaming PC Build for Less

Here at BGC we've made it a borderline-obsessive-mission to always strive to simplify the oftentimes confusing, fast-paced hardware market as much as possible to help you as a first-time builder to more easily navigate the endless component and accessory options out there, save more money on your build, and more effectively picks parts and peripherals to build a great first gaming computer that'll have you beaming with pride every time you boot-up 'cause YOU are its master (as you should be, Jedi).

With our continually-updated, objective and unbiased buying guides, simplified reviews and tutorials we aim to minimize complicated technical terms and lingo as much as possible (and explain it where necessary) so no noob gets left behind, and so even if you're not that tech-savvy and/or a complete hardware beginner you can still easily get into this super-fun and beneficial hobby that will serve as a handy skill for the rest of your gaming days (or for your job or career if you're in IT/computer science).

More experienced builders aren't forgotten about either and we also create guides on intermediate and advanced topics such as CPU and GPU overclocking, planning and building water cooling PCsvideo editing PCs, and rendering PCs, choosing optimal parts for eSports as a pro or aspiring pro gamer, and more. Welcome and enjoy designing and building your dream new desktop to experience gaming in its finest graphical glory for years to come.

Recommended Custom Gaming Desktop Computer Builds for Beginners: Q4 2018 Edition

How to Build the Best Gaming Computer: Example Builds for $300 to $5000 (October 2018 Updated)

Our constantly-updated, carefully-crafted Best Gaming PC Builds for the Money series is our long-running quarterly (and monthly-updated) decode of the latest in gaming hardware where we break down in plain English exactly how to choose the current best bang for your buck parts on the market to make planning the perfect PC build that little bit easier.

The biggest hurdle you likely face as a beginner on your quest to building your first custom gaming computer is actually deciding which parts to use, as there are an infinite amount of possible hardware configurations and setups that you could use for any given budget, and it's all too easy to get lost in a sea of ever-changing specs and features and end up getting swayed to the PC gaming darkside of buying an overpriced, unoptimized pre-built gaming desktop.

Our sample PC builds for beginners are here to make planning your first custom computer a whole lot more straightforward, and serves as a base for your build research to quickly get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the current market without spinning your wheels and getting lost in research land of doom like some aspiring first-time builders unfortunately do: and the excitement they initially had towards building the ultimate custom battlestation of glory slowly dwindles away due to endless, frustrating debates over component X vs component Y, and other lingering doubts like "can I really build a PC myself without making a mistake?"

No need to worry, we have your back, and our in-depth yet easy-to-understand build guides and other tutorials across the site are here to keep your dream alive and help you to fulfil your DIY destiny. You've got this!

Gaming Hardware Component Guides

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How to Choose a Hard Drive for Your Build

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How to Choose an SSD

Whilst totally optional, Solid State Drives are all the rage these days and for good reason as they provide super fast loading of your games and other programs should you have the budget to afford them.

How to Choose the Right Case

The enclosure that houses and protects all of your expensive hardware is an important decision and here we cover everything you need to know to pick the best one for your budget and size preference.

How to Choose the Best Power Supply

Last but definitely not least is the often overlooked PSU which is an important component in the grand scheme of things and should be chosen wisely. Get expert advice on shopping for one here.

PC Gaming Accessory & Peripheral Guides

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard

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Headsets can be a confusing bunch and we do our best to help you make sense of it all as well as advice on picking the best bang for your buck models on the market today for different budgets.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Speakers

Headsets are all the rage these days thanks to the rise of multiplayer/online gaming and the frequent use of chat mics, but sometimes you'll want to crank out a nice set of speakers instead.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Sound Card

Not a necessary component when building a gaming PC but a must-have for high-end audio geeks and enthusiasts who won't settle for anything less than the highest quality audio possible.