Wall of Appreciation*

* This page was used in the site's early days when I didn't have a comments systems implemented, so these days if you have any feedback to share, simply leave a comment on a relevant article that has a comments section at the end. But still feel free to email in if you still want to as I read every email and any feedback is always appreciated, whether good or bad.

"My 16 year old son just built his first gaming PC based entirely on advice provided on your site. He had a very limited budget and zero hardware knowledge and was initially planning to buy an entry level prebuilt system (the quick and easy solution!). The idea of building his own machine seemed overwhelming. Where on earth to start? Many hours spent researching individual components left him (and me!) more confused than ever and we almost gave up. Then, by chance, we stumbled across your website. Game changer! Suddenly, we started believing maybe we could scale this mountain… Your site is fantastic because it focuses on best value at each price point. Most importantly, it provides well researched advice in plain English for your average Joe (aka tired Mum). With the excellent advice on your website, and a little help from a school mate to assemble, my son is now happily playing on his first ever gaming PC. A better machine than any pre-build he would have been able to afford, plus he (and I!) learnt a lot along the way. Thank you for the excellent community service you provide via this site."

- Megan C, Australia

"Fantastic Website! I just wanted to express my gratitude for you making and maintaining this website.  I'm a first time PC builder (going to order the parts this weekend), and I've read every buying guide and a majority of the other various articles you've developed. Everything here has really broadened my understanding of computer hardware and the construction process, and I plan to reference it for any uncertainties I have in the future.  I'll be sure to refer any of my friends here who want a reference for this sort of stuff. Thank you again!"

- Alex, USA

"I can't begin to tell you what a great site you have here. You really break down the builds and help the novice builder understand every choice in the process. Thanks for your hard work, and keep it up!"

- Tim M, USA

"My son asked me for a gaming computer for his upcoming 12th birthday gift. When I looked them up online I found they could be a bit expensive.  I am a do it yourself-er but, I would not consider myself to be very technologically inclined. Until I found this website and realized this new project could be a possibility. I brought up the idea to my son and he was excited to do it so I decided to take on this project of building a gaming computer with my son. I have used only this site so far, for information on the different parts I will need. Everything on this site was very easy for me to understand and I super duper appreciate that the information is updated. I figured the person/people who run this site really must love computers and helping people because I don't think I would take the time to share this knowledge so extensively, and I am so thankful to Julz and whomever might be helping him with this. I have been looking for a hobby that my son and I can share for so long and I finally found it, because I don't think this build will be our last. So, thank you again for starting and maintaining this site for us newbies!"

- Serena, USA

"I asked a ton of questions in your Facebook's Messenger when I was building my very first own gaming computer and you helped me a lot. The website helped me from picking the parts to building it and I'm very grateful for that. Thanks a lot"

- Lucas Antunes, USA

"$800 Computer Worth Every Penny: Thank you so much for your guide! I finally decided to give up on gaming laptops and their miserably short lifespans, but I quickly get overwhelmed by all the numbers and specs of trying to build a computer. Being able to add everything to my cart on Amazon directly made ordering a breeze, and while there were some struggles with getting everything plugged in the right way (damn my giant hands!), my new computer runs beautifully. Thank you so much for having these guides!"

- Laura SC, USA

"Guys.. I just wanted to thank you for putting this site together. I'm building a PC to run SC2 on ultra setting (prepping for Heart of the Swarm). I've never attempted anything like this, so I was pretty intimidated. Even though building a PC is super easy, it's really not unless someone walks you through the basic steps. Your time and effort are definitely noted, and greatly appreciated!"

- James P, Australia

"This is so informative and in very simple way. I read so many books about building PC but they all are crap, too technical to understand and waste of time. Here everything is so simple. Soon I'll be building my own PC and I'm sure your help will play a significant role in it. Thanks once again. Brilliant work."

- Suchit, UK

"This website is great. Clear, to the point, transparent. Thanks a lot for your help! And keep the amazing work."

- Pierre, Hong Kong

"I've been building and playing gaming computers since the early 2000s. I just want to say thank you for your site and how much I enjoy reading all the information you have on here as well as your build guides.

I usually upgrade my PCs and or do a full build every 2-3 years depending on pricing and finances. But I also help many of my friends with their PC game builds especially when it comes to picking and choosing parts.Whenever I even think about picking parts I always refer to your site first and your builds that you update. Even if I don't pick the particular part I always use your recommendations as a healthy baseline.I'm truly a fan of your site and just wanted to say thank you for all the information that I've gotten from it so far."

Martin Hemphill, USA

"I would like to thank everyone involved for helping me (successfully) build my first PC! I chose the High End build because I felt it was right for what I need right now (Graphic Design, Web Design, Gaming, Game Design, etc.). I am now on day 3 with this PC and I'm absolutely LOVING it! It's beyond perfect and I just wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone, as this went so smoothly for my first build. I can imagine it must have been a good amount of work to determine part-compatibility."

- Frank Perullo, USA

"This website is awesome! So informational and not pretentious like other sites I've been to. The links in the left hand panel make it so easy to navigate the site. The one-click "Buy this build" option is such a convenient item. I come back here about twice a year to keep up on the latest tech. I wanted to let you know how thankful I am of your efforts. Keep up the good work!"

- James, USA

"I'm a first time home builder and have found your site invaluable. So thanks. I've exhaustively researched all your Feb mid range build specs and alternatives and cant find better in any area.Thanks again for the great build advice and tutorials. I wasnt sure I was up to building my own rig but your site has given me the confidence to have a go."

- John, UK

"Built my first PC based off your Nov 2018 $600 build and I love it, continue to do great work!"

- Caleb C, USA

"I built my own gaming rig this past summer. It was a mid-to-high level PC, totaling about $1200-1300 and I picked out all the parts using your website. I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the awesome info. My PC works absolutely flawlessly and I love it so much. I was afraid I was going to have buyer's remorse for dropping so much money on a PC, but I works so well and I haven't regretted it a bit. I still frequently check your website to check out the updated builds, and I think it's awesome how you update it monthly. All in all, I just wanted to say thanks for the upkeep on a great site."

- Matt, USA

"Recently a friend of mine wanted me to build him a decent gaming PC for around six-hundred dollars. I had never built a PC before in my life, but I knew a fair bit about computers because my father was a internetworking technician. So with a basic knowledge of computer hardware and software I went ahead looking for the best budget builds out there.Alas most of them were just showy builds that lacked any real affordability and good performance. Then I stumbled across this site during a Google search. I was relieved to find a very simple list of what I needed, and the components met my friends budget and my interest.It was a week later when two huge boxes arrived at my doorstep and in no time I had everything opened up on my kitchen table; I was ready to build my first computer. After three hours and some struggle I had the budget beast running and all drivers installed. I downloaded a game on it and it played beautifully.The next day my friend came over to give it his stamp of approval and he was thrilled. I was so proud of my work and very happy to see such a good thing come together.Thanks for the build, and thanks for keeping this site up to educate people!"

- Kyle Mosley, USA

"Just wanted to thank you and your website for helping me build my first gaming PC! I've been sitting on your website for over a month, using it as a hub to research parts from your custom build suggestions. I finally bit the bullet yesterday and bought all the components, building my baby through the afternoon. Worked (almost) first time and gamed through the night! Can't believe it was so easy!"

- Gordon, Australia

"I was going to many site in order to make an respectable mid-ranged gaming rig. After lot of digging i stumble upon your site, and i am glad i did. Your site is up-to-date, unbiased and very easy to read. I can't even imagine how many hardware products you had to go through to make sure they appear on the site. Kudos for your work it's highly appreciated :)"

- Abhijiet, India

"I have been a hardcore console gamer my whole life and I wanted to finally jump into the world of pc gaming. I had so many questions on whether or not to buy pre built or build my own. Then I came across this site and it completely made my mind up to go ahead and build. I went with the high end build of $1500 and watched the video series to build my gaming machine. I was very nervous at the end when everything was together and this I hit the switch and she booted right up! I never thought I could build a gaming pc without having advanced computer knowledge but you guys made it a piece of cake. Thank you guys for putting together a site that beginners like myself could use and understand. This will be my go to site for everything pc related!"

- Jason Cathey, USA

"My 14 yr old got all the components for your November 2016 budget build for Christmas.  He loves it and we had a good time putting it all together.  He is amazed with how well all his games play on his new machine.  We didn't know anything about the inside of a computer when we did this so between looking up what goes where, putting it together, and downloading updates, it was 2 days before he was up and running.  Also, by the time you buy the keyboard, monitor, and operating system the $500 build is really closer to $800.  Not complaining, but you may want to add this info to your site. A comparable system ready to go runs about $1200.  Plus. we did learn a lot.  Thank you guys for what you do.  We would have never had the courage to try this without all the information you all have on your website."

- Robert Brown, USA

"I am not new to tech(have also started coding). Though I do always appreciate a helpful resource. And getting into PC building it is nice to have such a step-by-step guide(s) on the subject. Keep up the good work!"

- David M, USA