How To Easily Build Your Own Custom Gaming Computers

2017 Guides, Builds and Reviews for Beginner & Intermediate PC Builders

Building your own computer is the smart way to get into the exciting fast-paced world of PC gaming and eSports, and on this site you'll learn everything about how to build gaming computers to save you the most money, maximize gaming performance for your exact budget, and end up with your dream gaming machine capable of playing the latest games in style for years to come.

Here at our mission is to make gaming hardware and building PCs simple, and you'll get the latest always-updated information on choosing the best parts and peripherals for your money as well as expert guidance on building your rig, reviews of top products, and more.

Building a gaming computer is also a lot of fun and it allows you to tailor your computer to your exact wants and needs among many other important benefits.

It sure beats buying a pre-built system, and after installing your parts you'll feel satisfaction and pride every time you boot-up because you got into PC gaming the real way and you did not sway to the dark side of getting an average, un-optimized, overpriced bloatware-filled pre-built tower of doom. 

The Best Gaming PC Builds For Your Money: September 2017

Get help choosing the best bang for your buck components and peripherals for your new gaming computer build with our monthly-updated custom PC build examples. Don't spend hours drowning in confusing hardware research and specs; we do the extensive hardware research for you and carefully hand-pick the best parts in terms of gaming performance, reliability, cooling and aesthetics.

Best Budget Gaming PC Builds ($500 and $1000)

Best High-End Gaming PC Builds ($1500 and $2000)

Choosing the Best Hardware

How to Choose the Best Video Card for Gaming

When you build gaming computers there's no hardware component more crucial than your graphics card and this guide covers what you need to know including the best value GPUs for 1080p, 1440p and 4K.

How to Choose the Best CPU for Gaming

The latest information on buying a processor including Intel vs AMD, which CPU features matter most, and the top bang for your buck gaming CPUs right now.

How to Choose the Best Motherboard for Gaming

Your motherboard is a vital piece of the PC puzzle and in this buying guide you'll learn about the most important features as well as handy tips on selecting the best Intel or AMD motherboard for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Memory for Gaming

The RAM in your custom computer plays a role in gaming and general performance and we cover RAM types, speeds, and how much you really need for gaming or other demanding applications in 2017.

How to Choose the Best HDD

Traditional storage is still the go-to when building a gaming computer to stretch your dollar, and in this guide you'll learn everything you'd want to know about picking the best hard drive.

How to Choose the Best SSD

Whilst totally optional, Solid State Drives are all the rage these days and for good reason as they provide super fast loading of your games and other programs should you have the budget to afford them.

How to Choose the Best Case

The enclosure that houses and protects all of your expensive hardware is an important decision and here we cover everything you need to know to pick the best one for your budget and size preference.

How to Choose the Best Power Supply

Last but definitely not least is the often overlooked PSU which is an important component in the grand scheme of things and should be chosen wisely. Get expert advice on shopping for one here.

Choosing the Best Accessories

How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor

No point building a killer rig without hooking it up to a decent screen. In this guide you'll learn about the important features that make a good monitor for gaming and the top rated models for 2017.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

Having a comfortable, decent-quality and accurate mouse is important to many gamer's especially for competitive multiplayer games or eSports where every millisecond counts.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes with many different cool features too. We give you the lowdown on how to buy a good one for your budget and feature-needs.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset

Headsets can be a confusing bunch and we do our best to help you make sense of it all as well as advice on picking the best bang for your buck models on the market today for different budgets.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Speakers

Headsets are all the rage these days thanks to the rise of multiplayer/online gaming and the frequent use of chat mics, but sometimes you'll want to crank out a nice set of speakers instead.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Sound Card

Not a necessary component when building a gaming PC but a must-have for high-end audio geeks and enthusiasts who won't settle for anything less than the highest quality audio possible.

Latest Reviews

The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for 2017

A wrap of the current top-rated wireless headsets for PC gaming. We dissected the vast crowd of wireless models and the following 3 sets came out on top in terms of overall value for money.

The Best High-End Gaming Headsets for 2017

A review of the best top-tier PC headsets for gaming if you crave the very best audio and communication experience.

Best Budget Gaming Headsets Under $100 for 2017

A budget between 50 and 100 dollars opens up many options for a very decent PC gaming headset with a good mic, and these our our top-rated hand-picked selections of the best value models.

Best Cheap Gaming Headsets Under $50 for 2017

Most low-priced headsets just aren't worth it for a comfortable, decent-quality audio experience, but there are always exceptions to the rule and these are our top budget headset picks.

Top 3 Best Value Gaming Laptops for 2017

A breakdown of the best bang for your buck budget laptops for gaming right now. Desktops have much better performance for the dollar but some gamers need mobility yet still want great gaming performance.

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The Ultimate Step by Step eBook on Building Your First Gaming PC

Online tutorials, forums and blogs can only cover so much detail: take away all the confusion out of building a computer with our all-new 2017-updated, mega-tutorial that carefully guides you from slightly-overwhelmed PC building noob to booting up your new dream PC with pride. This guide was crafted with one goal in mind: create the most-comprehensive yet easy to follow, all-in-one written (and printable) guide that will save you time, money and a lot of potential headaches.

Covering all aspects of building your very first custom, cost-effective gaming computer from scratch, it includes less-talked about tips and tricks on saving the most money, building safely and easily, how to solve any potential build issues, how to maintain, upgrade and optimize your new rig, the best add-on software to install on a fresh build in 2017, and much more.

For those interested in taking their PC building knowledge further, we also offer special bonus editions of the eBook that include extra detailed guides on choosing parts and peripherals for eSports, VR, video editing, 3D rendering, streaming, and full tutorials on overclocking and water cooling.

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