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The Best Gaming PC Builds of the Month: February 2020 Update (Fastest Parts)

Feb 2, 2020

Another month means another update to our flagship guide where we list our top recommended components right now based on the current market to help you in building the best value gaming PC this month. The new 5600 XT from AMD was the biggest noteworthy release since our last update of the builds, but does it make the cut? Read Article.

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The Best PC Hardware Deals of the Month: January 2020 Update

Jan 26, 2020

Every month we round up some of the better standout deals on Amazon to cut costs on a new gaming PC build or upgrade. Right now you can get a nice discount on a good budget VR headset, and like last month there are still discounts on many CPUs. There's also a deep discount on a good wireless gaming mouse from Logitech. Read Article.

Why Should You Build a Computer? Are the Benefits Worth the Effort?

Jan 20, 2020

Our manifesto of exactly why we advocate so strongly for most gamers to give building your own computer a shot has undergone a complete rewrite, now with added reasons, memes, and of course - more cheap SW jokes than you can shake a gaderffii stick at. Read Article.

5 Reasons It's a Good Time to Build a PC (SSD & RAM Increases Coming?)

Jan 14, 2020

The second half of last year was a welcome resurgence in the PC hardware market, following a disastrous 2017-2018 period primarily due to sky-high GPU and RAM prices. But is it still a healthy "buyer's market' in the new year? For now, it absolutely is, but some are predicting RAM and SSD prices to increase this year. Let's discuss, including a trip down memory lane back to the worst time in history to build a PC (which is oh so painfully recent). Read Article.

The Best Gaming PC Builds of the Month: January 2020 Update

Jan 7, 2020

The start of the new decade sees the healthy state of the hardware market continue on strong, but for how long remains to be seen as memory and SSD prices could rise a little as we move through the year (hopefully not but it's very likely according to industry experts like GN AKA Tech Jesus). If you missed the holiday season sales of last year, fret not as January is still actually a good time to build a PC especially due to the current CPU market surging with strong, fierce competition between AMD and Intel, meaning solid prices all round (especially in the budget and mid-range, with AMD's 2600 and newly-refreshed 1600 AF chips offering unbeatable value). Keep Reading.

The Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs to Buy (& What to Look for to Avoid a Dud Desktop)

Dec 23, 2019

Pre-assembled, ready-to-ship desktops get a bad wrap in the hardware world. But for good reason, as most aren't worth your time or money, and are made of subpar components. But not everyone needs to, or has the time/interest to build their own system, so what's a gamer to do if you don't mind paying extra for the convenience of a prebuilt? Let's discuss, as there are some respectable prebuilts out there - IF you know where and what to look for. Keep Reading.

The Best Christmas Tech Deals on Amazon

Dec 17, 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is behind us now, but as with every year there's always the odd tech deal or two that either lives on or that pops up during the rest of the holiday period. We're continuing to track the best deals we come across this month during our day to day research. Keep Reading.

The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for PC Builders & Gamers

Nov 29, 2019

It's that time again, and throughout the Black Fri and Cyber Mon weekend we'll be listing the best standout deals we find on all-things PC gaming and DIY to help you pinpoint the best quality products that actually ARE discounted (sometimes retailers mark up prices before Black Friday to give the illusion of a sale). See the deals.

The Gaming Build Blueprint: New & Improved Version 4

Nov 28, 2019

Our comprehensive eBook on building a gaming PC has just been updated and is now in its 4th edition. This PDF manual is a more convenient, downloadable version of our free gaming PC tutorial and includes an exclusive bonus chapter on maintaining, upgrading and optimizing your first PC build to take your DIY knowledge further. Check it out here.

Best Monitors for Gaming PCs: Q4 2019 Recommendations

Nov 23, 2019

Our monitor guide gets a much-needed overhaul and includes our latest November 2019 updated recommendations on the best budget and high-end displays for all major resolutions, along with a specs QnA to help you more fruitfully navigate the ever-confusing monitor market. Keep Reading.

Building a PC for Fallen Order 60FPS Performance (Recommended Parts)

Nov 17, 2019

As a long-term Star Wars fan (mostly of the original and prequel trilogy), words cannot express how happy I am that Fallen Order has delivered on the palpable hype leading up to its release. Not perfect, but truly the best Star Wars game in a decade. This guide details the hardware you need to get great performance for the optimal experience in your resolution and settings of choice. Keep Reading.

The Best VR-Ready PC Builds in November 2019 (Recommended Parts for VR)

Nov 14, 2019

What if I told you, in 2020 the slowly bubbling, Tsunami-like technology that is virtual reality (finally) bursts open the dam door separating the enthusiast and mainstream crowds to finally gain the widespread respect and adoption it deserves as the inevitable future of gaming that it no doubt is (IMHO). It's an exciting time to be a gamer. Keep Reading.

How to Build the Best $1000 Gaming PC in November 2019 (Budget 1440p Build)

Nov 12, 2019

The Ryzen 5 3600 and RX 5700 are two of the best bang for buck components for gamers on the market right now in late 2019 - for any price tier, let alone for a $1K setup. In this build guide we detail how to plan a great value custom setup around this great gaming combo. Keep Reading.

Building the Best $1200 Gaming PC in November 2019 (9600K and 5700 XT)

Nov 10, 2019

How we'd go about maximizing a $1200 USD budget for gaming performance, and especially if using a 1080p 144Hz monitor hence our Intel choice (team blue is best for high refresh-rate gaming ie 144Hz). But these parts also make for a great value 1440p 60Hz setup. Keep Reading.

Slick Feature-Filled Rosewill Cullinan MX Mid Tower Cases Currently Up to $40 Off

Nov 8, 2019

We recently recommended the Cullinan MX Mid Tower in one of our mid-range sample builds for its excellent overall value, and that was at its normal retail price. They're currently on sale at the time of writing, making it even more bang for buck for mid to high-end builders wanting a slick 3-sided tempered glass case with decent features. Keep Reading.

Plan the Best $1500 PC Build in November 2019 (Best Value for 1440p 60FPS)

Nov 7, 2019

Another day, another detailed build guide, and here we thoroughly explain how we'd strategically go about maximizing a 1500 dollar budget for gaming performance. This rig also doubles-up as a fantastic value workstation or streaming system. Keep Reading.

Plan the Best $2000 Gaming PC Build in November 2019 (Best Value for 4K 60Hz)

Nov 4, 2019

An all-new 2000 dollar PC build guide fresh for the Holiday season, which packs a real punch with the new RTX 2080 Super 8GB GPU and high-quality components throughout. Keep Reading.

Planning the Best $2500 Gaming PC Build in November 2019 (4K/VR/144Hz)

Nov 4, 2019

Our latest recommended $2500 build for gamers wanting maximum performance includes the stellar Crystal 570X case, mighty RTX 2080 Ti, and an Intel i7 to make for a killer 4K gaming rig or excellent 1440p/1080p 144Hz setup. The H100i RGB Platinum also makes its debut as one of our top AiO picks and finishes off this all-RGB build in style. Keep Reading.

Planning the Best $3000 Gaming PC Build in November 2019 (4K/VR/240Hz)

Oct 31, 2019

Our recommended 3K custom build gets an update for the holiday season with a couple tweaks including the inclusion of the better value 9900KF over the previously included 9900K, and a better m.2 SSD. This guide details how we'd go about maximizing $3000 for the ultimate 4K 60FPS experience (or for 1080p/1440p 240Hz). Keep Reading

Does SLI Double FPS? Or is SLI Dead? 7 Biggest Multi-GPU Myths

Oct 28, 2019

There's few other topics within the PC hardware ecosystem with as many misconceptions and straight-up myths as running multiple graphics cards for gaming using NVidia's multi-GPU SLI/NVLink technology (or CrossFire for that matter; the equivalent technology for AMD video cards). Keep Reading

The Best Gaming Mice for the Money (& Top Models Used By Pros)

Oct 27, 2019

Depending on what type of gamer you are, your mouse selection can range in importance from not much of a big deal to, well, a pretty big deal. Casual gamers on a budget can get away with almost any PC pet by their side, while on the other side of the spectrum any competitive FPS or Battle Royale players wanting to play at their absolute best will want to put some added thought in their choice to select the right tool for the job. Keep Reading

The Best Gaming PC Builds for the Money: Fastest Q4 2019 Parts

Oct 21, 2019

Time for another update of our main chart of recommended custom PC builds, and in this Q4 2019 edition we add a bunch of new build tiers for high-end gaming enthusiasts and professional hybrid/gaming workstations, including 4 sample 2-Way SLI builds, 3 of which recommend full water cooling loops. Updates to the individual build guides will be coming throughout Q4 2019, but all our top recommended parts for November is now complete.

Besides the new high-end build tiers, we've done a few minor tweaks to the previous build tiers, but overall most of the builds stay the same from Q3 2019 (unlike the change from Q2 to Q3 which saw huge changes in our recommendations). Oh, and for the first time we've added some fun build tier names, because, well.. why not? PS: If someone builds the "Skynet" PC I cannot be held responsible if the world ends. Keep Reading

Is SLI Worth It? The 2019 State of SLI & Pros and Cons

Oct 19, 2019

Is SLI really dead and buried like some claim, or is such a notion some straight-up digital dogma mindlessly parroted in machine-like fashion by the envious or uninformed in forums and tech communities? Or perhaps the idea of SLI being dead is but a half-truth, with the answer depending solely on the context. Let's discuss both sides of the argument... Keep Reading

The Best Games That Support SLI: 2019 MEGA List

Oct 19, 2019

Finding accurate, updated information on which games support SLI can quickly turn into a wild online goose chase full of confusing, conflicting information. Some titles have official support for SLI introduced from day one of release (or earlier in early-access games like Escape From Tarkov), some have SLI support patched in later with a NVidia driver update, some even have their SLI support dropped (Apex Legends, Battlefield 5), and some games are near impossible to find any sort of concrete answer on official SLI support... Keep Reading

Tomahawk Max US Release Date FINALLY Found (& Spec Differences)

Oct 5, 2019

A US release date for the long-overdue Tomahawk Max has finally been found. I've been checking, checking, and checking some more pretty much daily, as I've seen a ton of people around the DIY community at large waiting on this new refreshed board to finally come out as it comes with out-of-box Ryzen 3000 compatibility and a couple other improvements vs the standard Tomahawk. Keep reading here.

$1500 Gaming, Editing, Streaming & Music Production PC Build

Oct 3, 2019

This reader-requested PC build explains how I'd go about planning the best parts-list for a versatile hybrid gaming, video editing, streaming and music production setup for around 1500 US dollars, while including a sound card, capture card, 1080p monitor, excellent GPU, and Windows 10 all within the budget.

Custom Water Cooling PC Guide for Beginners: 2019 Edition

Oct 3, 2019

While most definitely not for everyone, our introduction to custom loops has undergone a fairly big overhaul for those interested in diving deep into this seriously cool add-on feature, with new information added, further clarification on existing instructions, a whole bunch of additional resources to further your understanding on certain aspects of the process, and a fresh new sample high-end water cooling build using premium EKWB loop parts, SLI RTX 2080 Ti's, and a 9900K.

Since this is the first time we've added comments to the guide - in last year's edition the site didn't yet have a comments feature implemented - if you enjoy this edition or gained value in the past from the previous edition of the guide, do let us know in the new comments section as we'd love to hear your thoughts and/or constructive criticism if you're a water enthusiast with ideas on how to make the tutorial even better.

Building a SLI Gaming PC: Requirements and Beginner FAQ

Sep 24, 2019

SLI is definitely not for everyone, and in fact is only recommended for a small percentage of gamers and enthusiasts who don't care for practicality or cost-effectiveness. But if you're interested in SLI, or just want to come along for a tire-kicking ride down the rabbit hole of this pretty awesome technology, we break down the basics and what to know as a builder.

How to Choose a GPU for Gaming (2019 Update)

Sep 22, 2019

Our detailed guide to picking the right GPU for your gaming needs gets a fresh update for 2019, including the current state of AMD vs NVIDIA graphics cards, how much to spend on a GPU in 2019 for 1080p, 1440p, or 4K, which GPU brands are best as of 2019, and what all the GPU specs mean from a beginner's perspective.

How to Choose a Power Supply (2019 Update)

Sep 20, 2019

Picking a power supply can be confusing but it doesn't have to be. There's a few key features to know about and look out for when on your hunt, and we'll break them down here including answers to common questions like how much wattage you should get, which 80 Plus rating is good enough, and which are the best safe-bet PSU brands to buy as of 2019.

Best Software to Install on a New Gaming PC Build

Sep 19, 2019

So you've built your first PC, setup the BIOS, installed the OS, busted out a moonwalk, and life is good. Now what? You don't want to immediately start bloating your fresh new setup with a ton of programs to weigh it down, but you do want to install a few key apps to make your life easier, bolster security, and to help maintain your new gaming weapon to make sure everything is proceeding as you had foreseen (high FPS yet cool, cold temperatures).

How to Assemble a PC from Scratch (2019 Edition)

Sep 16, 2019

Our flagship guide to installing all your PC parts has undergone a HUGE update and has now been broken up into separate detailed modules covering much more detail, more photos, more diagrams, and is overall just a way better guide than it was before. Let me know any feedback you have on the all new and improved tutorial in the new comments section too. Cheers and hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating and fine-tuning it - this was one monster of a project (and the reason some other updates around the site had to be delayed).

What Tools Do You Need to Build a Computer?

Sep 5, 2019

Is a screwdriver really all you need? What type of screwdriver should you get for PC building, then? Are magnetic screwdrivers safe to use? What other tools should you consider? We explain all.

The Best Gaming PC Builds for the Money: Q3 2019 Edition

Aug 21, 2019

We've updated our main recommended builds chart for all 11 different price points to reflect our new top recommendations following the recent new CPU and GPU launches from AMD and AMD/NVidia respectively. Some of our individual in-depth build guides are still to be updated for Q3 2019, but the main table is now live and ready to trigger some who might feel there's still too much team blue among our picks.

But as always, we back up all our recommendations with the data and facts wherever we can, but overall it is a fairly big takeover by AMD after all, who take a full clean-sweep in every single budget and mid-range tier for the first time in the history of our build series (as far as I can remember; long-term readers will know it's been a while!).

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