What Is Cache And Its
Importance For Your Gaming PC

You may be wondering "what is cache?" and what has it got to do with my computer? Well, if you're building a fast gaming computer it may help you make decisions between certain components if you're aware of the importance of cache memory. This article will explain what cache is and how it makes your games and other programs run faster.

Most CPUs will have what's called as L1 and L2 cache memory. Some also have an L3 cache. Put simply, cache is a high speed type of memory that is used to store data that is likely to be used again.

If your computer didn't have a cache then the CPU would have to access memory directly from the RAM. This would slow your computer down as the RAM runs at a much lower speed than the CPU.

Inside your motherboard you have L2 cache which only contains a small amount of memory, but operates at two times the speed of the RAM.

Then you have your L1 cache which is built inside the CPU to speed things up even faster. The L1 cache runs even faster than L2 cache.

So with these two types of caches at work, your CPU can run at its highest possible speed. So if you were to ask, what is cache going to do for you? It's going to run your games faster, period.

Cache memory is quite expensive and faster CPUs need more cache than slower ones. The budget processors out there typically have less cache in them and is one reason why they are priced low. But for your gaming system you may need all the cache you can get to make sure your games play at their absolute best.

Hopefully you won't be asking the question "what is cache" anymore, this article has explained what this type of memory is and why it's important for your gaming pc.