Quiet Computer Power Supply -
Tips For A Silent PSU

Along with a quiet computer case and a quality CPU cooler, a quiet computer power supply will go a long way to achieving a silent PC.

Power supplies can get really noisy, depending on how powerful they are and how many fans they contain. The more powerful power supplies and the ones with the most fans tend to be the loudest.

You can generally determine the quality of a PSU by its weight. The heavier the better, because it means that the heat sink will be bigger and the other parts of the PSU are good quality. But you can only use the weight factor as a rough estimation.

This is the quiet computer power supply that I would recommend to most people:

The Corsair TX750W Quiet Power Supply

The Corsair TX750W is a 750 watt power supply with a large 14cm (diameter) fan which runs very quietly. It's a quality PSU which is more than enough for most gaming PC builds, and is the one I personally use in my current system. 750 watts of power is more than enough for most users. You can find the Corsair TX750W here at the lowest price.

If you already have a power supply and want to make it quieter without replacing the whole unit, you could replace the fan/s and mount the new fan/s with rubber screws and vibration dampeners. You could mount a vibration dampener between the power supply and the case mounting point to reduce vibration noises too.

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