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The Best Deals on Gaming PC Hardware & Accessories (Black Friday 2020 Preview)

Amazon Prime Day is Over, But the Best Tech Deals of the Year Are Yet to Come

How to prepare for the ultimate deals weekend of the year

Last Updated: October 16, 2020

The best PC deals weekend of the year is around the corner, and when the time comes we'll be pinpointing, vetting, and listing the best PC hardware deals we find on this page. There's a large amount of deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but not all deals are worth considering, so if you want a helping hand sorting the good from the great, the succulent from the scalpy, return to this page (or get notified on our Facebook Fanpagewhen the big day arrives, and come early in the morning like you mean business if you want the highest chance of scoring a top deal as they won't last long.

What is Black Friday?

Madness, that's what. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, and has been the single busiest shopping day of the year for as long as most of us can probably remember. It's when large retailers, both physical and online, typically offer some of their biggest discounts.

When is Black Friday 2020?

This year, Black Friday will be on Friday November 27th, 2020.

When is Cyber Monday 2020?

This year, Cyber Monday will be on Monday November 30th, 2020.

What Time Do Black Friday Sales Start?

It depends on the store, with the earliest being midnight on Thanksgiving (the Thursday before) for certain eCommerce like Amazon, and the latest being late afternoon on Friday for certain physical stores.

Which PC Parts Go on Sale During Black Friday?

For us tech lovers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, including the Saturday and Sunday in-between, are golden opportunities to upgrade our setups for less. However, you must be relatively quick and know what you're looking for beforehand. Don't go into Black Friday too blind, and have a good plan of attack because the best deals probably won't last long. As for which PC parts typically go on sale, you get a bit of everything on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, from CPUs to cases, monitors to motherboards, PSUs to GPUs, storage to slick accessories, it's all fair game. Prebuilt gaming desktops and gaming laptops are also worth looking out for if you're feeling too lazy to assemble your own PC.

Just don't expect the latest big hardware releases, including RTX 3000 GPUs, AMD Big Navi GPUs, or Ryzen 5000 CPUs to be on special. In terms of GPUs, it's typically previous-gen stuff that goes on sale, so it could be a good time to get a discounted RTX 2000 or RX 5000 graphics card. Though for the CPUs, you might see a special on current-gen stuff (just not Ryzen 5000 - possible, but unlikely as they release early November). Ryzen 3000 CPUs will very likely have some sort of discount. Intel is more stingy on deals, but you might still find a current 10th gen CPU discounted slightly.

But back to the infamous RTX 3000, yeah, you're definitely pushing your luck if you think they'll be discounted, considering the whopping demand and sucky supply right about now. As for VR, which is an industry I follow very closely, my guess is there won't be much to save here in that regard, especially if you're after the current top 3 headsets right now IMO (Quest 2 is too cheap and too recent to see much of a sale, HP Reverb G2 is also too recent, and the mighty Valve Index is too exclusive). But who knows.

Anyway, check back here (or our Facebook Fanpage) when the big day comes if you want our opinion on the best deals of the day, as on this exact page we'll list the high-quality PC components and accessories that we would actually consider buying ourselves if hunting for that particular type of item. Goes without saying, but some deals will be much more worth it than others. Watch this space.