Choosing a Good Computer Gaming Mouse: Buying Guide

(and the Top-Rated Gaming Mouse Picks of 2017)

Choosing a good gaming mouse for your computer build will allow you to play your games with comfort and excellent control, which is important for all types of gamer's from the casual to the more competitive eSports players.

Not all mice are created equal, and there are some features that you'll want to be aware of and understand if you wish to be able to choose the best computer gaming mouse for your particular budget and preferences.

As well as explaining the features that makes a good gaming mouse, we'll also cover some of the top-rated, best bang for your buck gaming mice on the market right now to aid you on your hunt.

Gaming Mouse Specs Explained

The following features and specifications are what you should consider when choosing the best gaming mouse for your needs. You don't need to know every little detail of these specs, but it'll help you navigate the often-confusing peripheral market which is plagued with hypey marketing and gimmicks that many gamer's fall for.

Optical vs Laser Mouse for Gaming?

A computer mouse comes in different types: optical, laser, or ball mice. Ball mice are dead and gone so we won't discuss them further. 

Optical and laser mice are the current technologies you have to choose from, and despite lazer being the more recent tech when it comes to gaming you're much better off with an optical mouse.

Why are optical mice better for gaming?

Whilst there are some good lazer gaming mice out there, and lazers do track better on glass, simply put an optical mouse is slightly more reliable and precise overall when used on most surfaces including your typical mouse pad.

Don't get us wrong though; if you really want a lazer then go for it, but try to get a hard mouse mat, and keep your mouse and mouse pad clean of dust as much as possible. 

Mouse Resolution/DPI Explained

The quality of a gaming mouse is determined by a number of factors, with an important one being the resolution. Measured in dots per inch (DPI), the resolution is the number of pixels per inch that the mouse‚Äôs optical sensor and focusing lens can see when you move the mouse around. In general, the higher the resolution of a mouse, the better the accuracy and precision will be, however 

Shape and Comfort

Of course, don't forget about the physical shape and overall comfort when on the hunt for a good gaming mouse. This an be sussed out by reading both customer and expert reviews on various models, and you'll also want to take into account whether or not you have more unique requirements such as being left-handed or having really large or small hands.

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mice?

Having a wireless mouse can be more convenient than a corded one, however there's the added issue of potential input lag slowing down the precision and accuracy which can harm your experience. Mouse lag occurs with wireless mice because of the added time it takes to send information to the receiver from the mouse.

Although the good news is that modern wireless mice are becoming faster and faster as the technology improves, and with some of the best wireless mice on the market you'll hardly notice a difference. So if you intend to buy a wireless mouse, be sure to do your research on whether or not it has input lag and to what degree.

If you're gaming professionally or just want to avoid the issue altogether, I'd recommend still sticking to wired to guarantee the best speed possible.

The Best Gaming Mice for 2017

We've thoroughly analyzed the market today and narrowed it down to our top-rated picks for different budgets to help you find a good gaming mouse.

These are just our suggestions and a mouse isn't a one-fit-all kinda thing, so we encourage you to do your own research to make sure they're a good fit for you (pun intended) - especially if you have extra large/small hands or want certain features such as programmable buttons or LED lighting (or wireless, even though we generally don't recommend it as mentioned above).

As for left-handed gamer's; the below recommendations have been given the thumbs up from both right and left handed folks.

Overall, the mice below are safe bets and will please the majority of gamers out there.

The Best PC Gaming Mouse Under $50 for 2017:

The Best PC Gaming Mouse Under $100 for 2017: