Expert Gaming PC Build Advice (Email Help Service)

Have Us Thoroughly Look Over & Critique Your Parts-List Before Buying
(or get a freshly-researched specific build for your exact requirements)

Want a guaranteed second opinion on your custom build without having to play the luck game posting on a hardware forum and praying that someone out there is willing to dedicate the (oftentimes fairly long-ish) time necessary to comb over your build properly and give you a detailed critique that pertains to your exact specific situation (and pray it's also from someone who actually knows what they're talking about)?

Or want us to research a fully-personalised new build for you from scratch based on your exact budget and specific gaming/application/performance/feature requirements?

"Surprisingly, the hardest part about building a computer is deciding which parts to use and purchase"

- NZXT Staff

This quote is spot on based on the countless emails we've received from readers over the years who need help fine-tuning and perfecting their build before pulling the trigger and ordering those expensive parts to your door.

PC gaming can be an expensive hobby so you want to be 110% confident you choose the right parts to ensure you maximize your exact budget, get the performance you're after in the specific games/resolutions/apps you care about most, avoid any compatibility issues or potential complications down the road, and also to avoid making simple newbie mistakes when designing a build such as allocating too much or too little on a certain component compared to another (or straight-up picking subpar quality parts - customer reviews of hardware can sometimes be deceiving/inaccurate and shouldn't be your only source of research).

We've set up this dedicated 1-on-1 email help service for anyone who wants us in their corner to help you make the most of your PC building journey.

Also, after your build critique (or newly researched build) we're not just gonna ride off into the sunset - we'll be available to continually help you with any follow-up questions or concerns you have during the planning or building process.

To get started simply fill out the correct form below (option A for a critique of your parts or option B for a new build) and we'll get to work ASAP on your build.

As much as we'd love to critique and research builds all day long for you for free, we do have  lives and bills to pay like the rest of us (we're not bots although perhaps when AI is good enough...), but we've aimed to make this expert build help service as affordable as humanly possible to ensure it doesn't eat into your PC budget at all.

Plus, any profit made is put straight back into further growing the site so if you decide this is for you then thanks in advance for helping to make a better resource for DIY beginners. Speak soon!



($7 USD and Receive Within 24-48 Hours)



($17 USD and Receive Within 48-72 Hours)


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Excellent (60 FPS with slight dips being ok)
Flawless (must be over 60FPS at all times)
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Mid-Tower -> most common
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