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* March 2020 Announcement *

Effective immediately, this in-depth parts-list planning service is now a private service reserved only for "VIP" members of our eBook, The Gaming Build Blueprint: The DIY Gaming PC Owner's Manual. See that page for full details.

In other words, to be able to use this parts-list service, you must first purchase the VIP edition of that eBook. Thanks for your understanding.

How Our PC Build Generator Service Works:

1: Input Your Build Requirements, Performance Aims, & Preferences in the Form Below

2: We'll Take it From There to Thoroughly Plan and Tweak the Best Customized Gaming and/or Workstation Build for Your Exact Wants and Needs, by Tapping Into Over 12+ Years of PC Building Experience to Help You Make the Absolute Most of Your $$$

3: Once Perfected, We'll Send Your 100% Personalized Parts-List to Your Email Inbox Within 24-72 Hours (In the Form of a PCPartPicker List for Your Country), Along With Notes on Why Each Part Was Chosen

4: If You Need Further Help or Want a Revision, We'll Keep Working With You to Keep Tweaking the Build Until You're 100% Satisfied

"Surprisingly, the hardest part about building a computer is deciding which parts to use and purchase" - NZXT

Based on many years helping gamers and power users make smarter purchases - both in-person at one of my old jobs in laptop/desktop/printer sales a while ago, and now digitally with this site - the quote above is pretty much spot-on. You'd think actually assembling your PC would be the hard part as a beginner, but in reality, for most people the trickier bit is doing the extensive planning and research required to choose the perfect list of complimentary, fully-compatible, value for money parts for exactly what you want to do with your PC (everyone has slightly different needs).

And when you think about it, it makes sense, no?

Actually physically building your PC is just a matter of following instructions carefully, plugging, connecting and screwing things in, installing software and tinkering a bit with different programs, and that's about it. It can seem a bit complicated from the outside looking in, but when you actually build a rig you come to realize it's really not rocket science (and also come to realize that the now overly-used cliche that building a PC is just like Lego but for grown-ups is quite accurate after all).

But choosing the right parts you can be 100% confident in pulling the trigger with and ordering to your door can be a frustrating, head-scratching affair that goes on and on and on over weeks (if not months). When planning your first PC, it's all too easy to get lost in a sea of specs, endless different models, confusing performance benchmarks, strong opposing opinions on forums, misleading customer reviews - not to mention the myriad of misinformation and factually straight-up-incorrect advice you'll see gamers often haphazardly spreading online.

Unless you continually keep a pulse on the hardware world, choosing parts can be confusing

Unfortunately, some would-be builders get too overwhelmed and intimidated with choosing parts, and end up throwing in the towel on the DIY dream. You may start out excited to build a PC, then get overwhelmed during the planning stage and end up getting seduced by the easier path of just buying a pre-built PC - the darkside, if you will. Pre-built systems are typically overpriced and contain lower quality components, less upgrade options and flexibility, annoying/useless pre-installed software, not to mention they're hardly ever optimized (ie bang for your buck) when it comes to gaming or workstation performance.

If you're buying an office PC that doesn't have much demands at all, a basic cheap pre-built is okay, but for graphically-demanding modern AAA games nothing comes close to picking your own parts individually and building a system yourself. Same thing goes when building any other demanding PC for things like VR, editing, streaming, game development, music production, 3D rendering, and so on - building your own computer is best 95 times out of 100.

But if despite understanding all the benefits of building a PC yourself (and the fact it's easy these days), if you're still on the fence about actually going through with it due to being a little overwhelmed with choosing the right fully-compatible, bang for buck, high-quality parts-list - this PC planning service might be what you need to gain full confidence and assurance in your purchases, so you can keep your DIY dream alive. This "done for you" build planning service is essentially the digital equivalent of having a tech-savvy big brother by your side to help you 1-on-1 with anything you need help with, I'm here to help if you need thorough, tailored help and advice.

Besides Prioritizing Performance for Your Favorite Games/Apps, When Designing Your Build We Also Consider Everything Else That Makes for a Great Custom PC:

  • Only including high-quality components from reliable manufacturers and brands in your personalized parts-list to maximize the longevity of your new PC and reduce chances of something failing or breaking in future

  • Ensuring your new PC will provide effective airflow for your particular needs by selecting the right combination and balance of cooling-related parts (your case, CPU cooler, case fans, etc) 
  • Allowing for good flexibility within your parts-list to easily accommodate future upgrades
  • Triple-checking 100% compatibility between all of the parts including any necessary manual checks beyond auto tools like PCPartPicker (which doesn't check everything such as certain size/spacing issues among other things)
  • Searching around for and considering any current deals or price cuts on quality components in your selected country to reduce costs of your build

  • And if you include any design preferences below we will take that into consideration to design a matching, cool-looking system for the type of theme/look you want

What Others Have Said About the Service

"Very helpful. Was worth way more. Very detailed list of parts for my editing build."

- Matt M, USA

"Great and detailed service, quick to answer and friendly to beginners! 100% recommend"

- Anthony Vidal, USA

"It was super helpful"

- Aaron Mohr, USA

"I liked how helpful the information was for a 1st time PC builder."

- Craig Campbell, USA

So, if you want me to give your build my undivided attention for as long as necessary over the next few days, enter your detailed requirements and preferences below and as a little green man once said: meditate on this, I will. Also, remember that the more specific requirements and details you use in the form below, the better I can serve you in planning the very best build for your exact situation.

Speak soon,


PS: This is for beginners wanting a new parts-list planned and designed from the ground up. If you just have a simple question or want a quick critique of your parts-list, leave a comment on the best gaming PC builds page.

Important Reminder: As mentioned above, this parts-list planning service is for VIP Edition owners of our eBook only.

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