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Tap Into Our Extensive Hardware Experience to Build the Right Well-Balanced, Well-Cooled, Upgrade-Flexible and 100% Compatible Custom PC for Your Needs

How This Build Help Service Works:

What's up guys, it's Julz here - I'm the one responsible for planning and perfecting all builds on the site to the best of my ability, and if you end up deciding this build research service is for you then I'll be the one who does your build, too. 

If you want a second opinion on your build before finally pulling the trigger and spending all that money on a parts-list that you might have doubts about, this is a way to get my own personal detailed opinion on what would make the best well-balanced, optimized and bang for buck parts-list for your specific requirements. Or in other words, simply what I would do if I was in your shoes based on closely monitoring the PC building market over extended periods of time due to having run BGC as an active resource for beginner builders now for a good few years. 

So if you want me to set aside a chunk of time either today, tomorrow or the day after (I'm usually able to complete a new personalized build within 3 days of when you send in your requirements) to allocate my undivided attention to your build, to simply give you my unfiltered 2 cents on which 100% personalized parts-list I'd get if I were in your situation, send your requirements below along with $27 to cover up to 1-3 hours of my time and I'd love to be of assistance to you on your hunt for the perfect new PC.

Some builds can take less than an hour to design and tweak, but some can also be lengthy research processes, despite knowing the market inside and out as there's often hidden nuances and added considerations that come up when planning, tweaking and cross-checking a particular parts-list. 

Although don't worry if you send in a build request and in my research I find that one of our own published Q2 2019 builds is my top recommendation for your particular situation, as in that case I will refund you the money as it did not take me anywhere near 1+ hour to plan for you.

But for most customized build requests, I feel it's a fair exchange as it's quite often that researching a fresh new build for a specific budget and/or theme takes a couple hours minimum to get right and cross-check to perfection.

I look forward to helping you should you decide that this is something you KNOW would really help make things easy for your new PC build, and that can potentially save you money on your build and avoid headaches over the long run by helping you buy the best quality custom parts at the best prices.

Speak soon, 


Proprietor of BGC

Defender of The Prequels Since BC

PS - If you don't need a fresh new parts-list from the ground up, and you already have a parts-list that you're pretty confident in and just looking for a second opinion on it before you pull the trigger, leave a comment on our gaming PC builds guide and I'll get back to you with a quick critique (for free of course) whenever I get the chance to give your parts a quick look over.

What You Get With Your Personalized Build: ($27 USD per Build)

  • A 100% personalized, fully-compatible custom parts-list planned and designed from the ground up for YOUR exact budget, preferences, and performance aims (and specific country; mention where in the world you're buying your parts so I can include relevant components suggestions tailored for your particular location)
  • An accompanying build guide for your specific parts-list just like we do with our main build guides published on BGC (we may be publish your build guide on our site too if you agree to this below). This build guide includes your parts-list, links to stores where we found your parts for the best price, as well as any details or tips we feel is worth nothing such as why we chose a particular component for your build (or good alternate parts that's worth considering) See The Best High-End Dedicated Streaming PC Build Under $800 for a live example of a reader-requested build we've published on the site.
  • Follow-up 1 on 1 email support until you're fully satisfied (should you need more help tweaking your parts after we've sent you your build, or for any other questions you might have about building your first PC)
  • Money-back guarantee if one of our current listed builds ends up being our exact recommendation for your specific requirements (a little rare as most of the dozens of personal build requests we've had over the past few years have all been unique in some way, but it can happen)

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