The Gaming Build Blueprint: Version 5

The All-in-One PDF Manual for First-Time Builders

Recommended For: Beginner / Intermediate

Why it Can Fast-Tack Your Understanding of PCs:

The Gaming Build Blueprint is the all-in-one manual for hardware beginners building their first PC, which teaches you every step of building, maintaining, performance-optimizing and upgrading a custom high-performance PC.

Over 100 pages of invaluable DIY tips will take you from complete noob to intermediate enthusiast in no time. Includes introductory modules on overclocking, PC maintenance, benchmarking games using MSI Afterburner, and other exclusive content not found on the site.

Also, sales of the eBook are re-invested back into improving the site as well as into my upcoming indie VR game, and so is the most direct way you can show support for me and the site if you have gained a lot from all of the free and continually updated guides and tutorials on the site and feel inclined to "buy me a coffee or two". Thanks guys and enjoy the book - if you like reading the site, I'm sure you'll love it (or get your money back; I offer a 30 day money back guarantee).