Helpful Products & Services for PC Building Padawans

The Gaming Build Blueprint

What is It? All-in-One PC Builder's Manual

Recommended For: Beginners to Intermediates

The complete all-in-one reference manual for hardware beginners building their first PC: learn every step of building, maintaining, optimizing and upgrading your first custom PC. 80 pages of photo and diagram-filled valuable information to know as a first-time builder that will take you from complete PC noob to budding enthusiast in no time. Includes free access to our exclusive customer-only support email if you ever need 1-on-1 help or advice with anything related to building your first custom gaming PC.

The PC Build Generator

What is It? Done-for-You Build Planning

Recommended For: Beginners

Planning the perfect custom parts-list for your exact budget, PC usage, resolution/refresh-rate, country, and performance aims can be hugely confusing as a first-time builder. There's a lot to consider for a fully-compatible, well-matching, bang-for-buck parts-list you can be 100% confident and satisfied in ordering and assembling. If you want a hardware expert to take the time to do all the meticulous build research for you, this could be the key to unlocking full peace of mind to finally make your DIY dream a reality.

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