Tips For A Quiet Computer Case And Fan

In this article we discuss ways to achieve a dead quiet computer case. The pc case and fan can play a big part in a noisy computer.

The reason case fans can get so noisy is that they sometimes vibrate the case and so the sound of the fan resonates off the case's sides.

If you want a silent PC then you will want to buy a specially designed quiet pc case. A good example would be the Antec P182 Case, which features composite plastic/aluminium sides, silicon dampeners to reduce noise from the hard drive and power supply bays, and also separate chambers within the case to cool the case more effectively, meaning less noise.

All installation areas in the Antec P182 case are also grommeted to reduce vibration. The power supply also sits at the bottom of the case in its own separate area, so that the power supply fan doesn't need to run very fast, obviously reducing noise.

On top of all that, this quiet computer case contains large and very quiet computer fans (almost silent) that blow onto your components and then expel out the back of the case. A case such as the Antec P182 would be the perfect way to go if you're after a silent PC.

The Antec P182 Silent PC Case

On the other hand if you've already bought or built your gaming computer and you don't want to replace your entire case, there are some things you can do to reduce noise.

First of all you could consider buying a quiet computer fan. Silent PC case fans are a big help in reducing the overall noise of your PC. Remember, the larger the fan the better. Larger fans spin slower than smaller ones, therefore they are quieter.

When you mount your quiet pc case fans, a good idea is to use what is known as vibration dampeners and also rubber screws to isolate the fans and prevent them from resonating noise in the case.

There are different types of quiet computer case products out there designed to help reduce noise. Another example are rubber feet that prevent vibration. They sit at the bottom of your case and can work wonders especially if your PC rests on a hard surface. Anti-vibration rubber feet are cheap and are definitely worth a try.

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