The Many Benefits Of A
Dual Monitor Video Card Setup

There are many advantages to a dual monitor video card setup. Using two monitors with the one computer isn't anything new in the computer world, so if you haven't yet why don't you try it out soon? Once you start with dual monitors you won't ever want to go back to a normal single monitor setup.

With dual monitors you can do your work and play a lot faster and more efficiently. It's a big time saver for a lot of different applications. You have way more desktop space which allows you to have multiple windows open over the two separate screens.

You could be working on something like a spreadsheet or document on one screen, and have something else like a web video or movie running on the other screen. Although this particular example would hardly cause you to get your work done faster, as you would probably get distracted by the video/movie, but you see my point. With two screens, it's possible to increase your productivity at the computer big time.

If you're building webpages, you can be building a page on one screen whilst viewing the resulting page on the other screen. If you're into your news or sport at all, you could be working on something on one screen whilst having an updated news or live scores page on the other screen. If you have instructions for something in say an email or webpage, you could have those instructions open on one monitor while you do your business on the other. There's countless possibilities on how a dual monitor video card setup can work wonders for you.

Another benefit with a dual screen setup, albeit less noticeable, is that you won't need to minimize and maximize windows when working with multiple programs as much, and this means less clicking of the mouse. And less clicking means less chance of ending up with carpal tunnel disease and repetitive stress injuries. Even though these problems are rare, I thought I would just point that out.

The good thing is that setting up double monitors is dead easy. All you need is a dual monitor video card and two monitors. Most video cards these days have dual monitor support anyway, so no problems there. Simply follow the instructions that came with the card.

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