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The Best PC Hardware Deals on Amazon: Christmas Edition (December 2019 Update)

We're Hand-Picking and Vetting the Best Deals We Find on Quality PC Components, Gaming Monitors, Prebuilt Desktops, Laptops & Accessories

Santa may be playing PS4 VR, but come March when Half Life Alyx releases he'll level up to PC VR if he knows what's good for him

Last Updated: December 17, 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are long gone by now, but that doesn't mean that deals stop completely in their tracks as there's always okay deals here and there throughout the remainder of the holiday period based on past history. You obviously won't find anything too crazy, but you just never know, and on this page we'll keep listing the best PC hardware, accessory and system deals that we find during our day to day research here at BGC.

We only list deals on high-quality products, as when it comes to tech we typically recommend spending those few extra bucks on well-known brands for better reliability and support, instead of going for that alluring cheap no-name brand option that could be more trouble than its worth.

Plus, we only report on deals that actually are a deal, as it's easy to fall victim to hype as retailers sometimes shrewdly mark up the initial/before price to give the illusion of a great deal (when reality it's only a lukewarm deal at best, or not even a deal at worst).

In other words, we hold ourselves to certain standards here at BGC, and like all recommendations across our site, we'll only list deals that we would personally consider buying ourselves if we were in the market for that particular category.

Anyway, good luck and hope this may help somewhat on your hunt. 

Best Tech Deals Right Now (Our Top Picks)

Please Note:

  • Prices listed below may change at any time and/or may be inaccurate (visit actual product listing to confirm price)
  • Deals below may not show properly if you have ad-blocker software installed on your browser as they may be perceived as advertisements
  • These deals are just our own personal opinion on what's worth buying, but always do your own research into whether a certain product fits your specific needs (eg don't forget to check compatibility with your other parts! if you have a quick question about compatibility on a deal, shoot us a message or leave a comment on our PC builds page)
  • These links are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product we may get a tiny kickback/commission (at NO extra cost to you though). This does not affect our recommendations in any way, and is how we are able to be supported by the work we do
  • While Amazon is a great place to find deals as no other retailer comes close to their overall product range and prices in general, shop around on other good hardware stores like B&H to potentially find other deals

This RX 580 8GB is a genuinely solid deal at 160 bucks, a deal that's continued on from Black Friday. It's the lowest we've seen this card. Worth considering for a new $500 to $600 mid-range gaming PC build for buttery smooth 60FPS performance in 1080p on maxed settings in most games. The XFX Fatboy 590 is also discounted at $180 right now, which isn't too shabby and provides a bit faster performance.

The all-new Ryzen 5 3600 was $185 on Black Friday, but is still now $190 ($10 off). Not much however it's the latest 3rd gen and one of the best overall mid-range gaming CPUs you can buy right now, and a super-popular buy, so we weren't expecting it to be discounted at all during this time. A no-brainer CPU choice if you're building a new PC between $600 and $1200. Just make sure to get compatible motherboard with out-the-box support for it if you don't want to have to update the BIOS of a new motherboard yourself (we recommend pairing it with the great value MSI B450 Tomahawk Max).

Oh, and while the 3600 is the better overall bang for buck for gaming, the 3600X is also slightly discounted right now at $200 and worth considering for slighter faster performance - handy if you'll be streaming or doing a lot of multitasking. Though if you're just gaming, the 3600 is better value overall.

Samsung SSDs are the best overall for most builders IMHO, and are often included in our sample gaming PC builds, so finding them on special is always a nice bonus.

This good-quality, fast 1ms 4K monitor from Samsung is 50 dollars off at the moment. It doesn't have GSync (has FreeSync though) but that's a sacrifice you gotta make at this price. There's also a bunch of other Samsung monitors that are discounted right now and all check-out as good options to consider as gamers:

This good quality wireless adapter from reliable TP-Link (a good networking brand we often include in our recommendations) is currently only 35 bucks on Amazon. A good option if you need to add WiFi to your desktop and your motherboard doesn't have it as a built-in feature (most don't).

Honorable Mentions:

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There's a lot of hype on these days, but if you know where and what to look for and are well-prepared, there absolutely are some great deals to be had that can't be found at any other time of year (excerpt perhaps for Amazon Prime Day mid-year, which we'll be covering too and keeping you guys informed on as we did last year).