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Pinpointing the Best PC Hardware Deals This Coming 2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday

We'll Be Hand-Picking & Vetting the Hottest Deals on Quality PC Parts and Accessories

The biggest tech sales event of the year is coming up soon, and as with every year if you know where to look and stay on your toes during you can potentially grab some absolute bargains on hardware components, monitors, headsets, keyboards, mice, speakers, desktops, laptops, virtual reality headsets, and all other things tech.

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When is Black Friday in 2019? 

This year Black Friday will land on November 29.

Is Black Friday Good for Building a PC?

Yep. There's no telling what's going to be on sale, but there's always a nice variety of deals across good quality PC components. It's also a good time to snag a discounted upgrade for your current system, such as levelling up to that shiny new 144Hz display, kitting out some add-on features to your rig, or grabbing a high-end gaming mouse, keyboard, or headset for the price of a mid-range one.

Is Cyber Monday Good for Building a PC?

Yep. Which begs the question - Black Friday vs Cyber Monday for PC hardware/component deals? Well, based on recent history, they've been about on par in terms of tech. They're both good opportunities for genuine bargains, although if I had to stick my neck out and pick just one day to shop for computer deals, it would be Cyber Monday actually. Especially if you're buying online, which is what Cyber Monday was originally started for if I'm not mistaken (hence the name Cyber). We'll be hand-picking and vetting the best Cyber Monday deals too.