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The Best PC Hardware Deals for Gamers: Amazon Prime Day 2020 Preview Edition

We Hand-Pick & Vet the Best Standout Deals During Big Sales Events

Looking for good PC hardware deals on components and accessories to cut costs when building a PC? On this page we list the best PC hardware deals we find during deal events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day.

Speaking of which, Prime Day 2020 is around the corner so check back here then for guidance on some of the best deals we find on that day. Or join our email list down the bottom of this page to be reminded on the day and we'll send the link to this updated page straight to your inbox on the big day.

Note: On our blog we also occasionally list standout deals we find during our day to day research.

When is the Next Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Amazon doesn't release the official date for Prime Day until a few weeks before it starts, but in recent years Prime Day has been in the middle of July.

So, unless coronavirus turns into the zombie apocalypse and the world ends, Prime Day 2020 will likely also be in mid July.

Is Prime Day Good for PC Hardware Deals?

In recent years, there's been some very solid deals on PC components, accessories, desktops and laptops on Prime Day, so this year should be no different. Is Prime Day better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday though? Generally no, however, recent Prime Day deals have been fairly impressive so the gap seems to be closing. Every year is different, so there's no telling until the day comes.

See you on deal day.