The Best Video Card Deals (January 2019)

We're Tracking the Best Deals on AMD & NVidia Graphics Cards to Help You Find Cheaper GPUs for Your PC Build or Upgrade (Continuously Updated)

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2019

We monitor the gaming hardware market - and especially GPUs - on a constant basis to allow us to continually update all the in-depth PC build and hardware guides, so we thought we might as well compile the best video card deals that we come across here on this dedicated page. 

Your gaming video card purchase is likely going to be the most expensive of all your PC parts, so when it's time to buy a GPU if you can be lucky enough to get a decent deal on a good card like the ones below, it can really help cut costs. We'll be tracking graphics card deals on both AMD and NVidia, and in both the budget, mainstream, and high-end markets, and we're also checking multiple online stores too (in the USA). Happy deal hunting.

Important Disclaimer: Prices quoted below were only correct at the time and day of the latest update to this page, and the prices below may become incorrect and change at any time.

Best Video Card Deals: NVidia (January 13 Updated)

MSI GeForce RTX 2080 8GB Duke OC (Triple Fan)

(~$770 at Amazon)

Recommended For: $1500 - $2000 Builds

MSI GeForce RTX 2080 8GB Ventus (Dual Fan)

(~$720 at Amazon)

Recommended For: $1500 - $2000 Builds

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 8GB Gaming OC (Triple Fan)

(~$730 at Amazon)

Recommended For: $1500 - $2000 Builds

EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB SC (Single Fan)

(~$200 at Amazon)

Recommended For: $500 - $600 Builds

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Cheatsheet: (US)

GTX 1050 2GB MSRP: $109

GTX 1050 Ti 4GB MSRP: $139

GTX 1060 3GB MSRP: $199

GTX 1060 6GB MSRP: $249

GTX 1070 MSRP: $379

GTX 1070 Ti MSRP: $449

GTX 1080 MSRP: $549

RTX 2070 MSRP: $499

RTX 2080 MSRP: $699

RTX 2080 Ti MSRP: $999

Best Video Card Deals: AMD (January 13 Updated)

ASRock Phantom Gaming D Radeon RX 570 4GB (Dual Fan)

(~$130 at Newegg)

Recommended For: $500 - $600 Builds

XFX Radeon RX 580 8GB GTS OC (Dual Fan)

(~$190 at Amazon)

Recommended For: $600 - $800 Builds

Asus Rog Strix Radeon RX 570 4GB Gaming OC (Dual Fan)

(~$174 at Amazon)

Recommended For: $500 - $600 Builds

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Cheatsheet: (US)

RX 550 4GB MSRP: $79

RX 560 4GB MSRP: $99

RX 570 4GB MSRP: $169

RX 580 4GB MSRP: $199

RX 580 8GB MSRP: $229

RX 590 MSRP: $279

RX Vega 56 MSRP: $399

RX Vega 64 MSRP: $499

Using GPU Deals for Your Build: Things to Remember

  • The MSRPs (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) above are the recommended starting prices for the base models, so overclocked or better-cooled/feature-rich cards will sell for higher.
  • Sometimes a video card may still be considered a "deal" if it's at or even a little over MSRP (even if it's a base model), depending on the current state of pricing and availability of that type of card across the market. For example, new RTX cards are universally slightly overpriced right now (especially the 2080 Ti) with one reason being lack of direct competition from AMD in the high-end/extreme GPU market, so finding a new RTX card around its MSRP could be considered a "deal" at this time. But this isn't limited to the new cards as classic cards like the 1050 Ti are priced slightly over MSRP across the board right now too, so finding one at MSRP is a win.
  • If you find a deal you like and want to use that card in one of our recommended gaming builds or your own custom parts-list, make sure to double check compatibility with your PC case and other parts, especially if it's a long GPU with triple fans as smaller cases may not support its length. Cases should clearly list their maximum supported GPU length on their product page or on the manufacturer's site. Power consumption may also be something to consider, although if you're using our recommended builds as a base for your build then all the power supply selections in those builds have plenty of leeway to accomodate a more power-hungry video card.
  • Whilst the main focus here is finding the absolute cheapest, best video card deals that we can find right now - if we see a deal on a GPU model we would not recommend for a PC build, we won't include it here. We'll only include GPU deals we would actually consider buying ourselves. For example, some GPU models have complications, higher than average failure issues, cooling issues, etc.
  • We're only tracking the best video card deals in the USA, although sometimes a deal will actually be available in other countries as well.