Buying A Blu Ray Burner For Your PC -
Do You Really Need One?

If you're looking to get a Blu Ray burner for your computer but aren't sure of what to look for, then this guide will direct you on the right track.

Check out our article What Is Blu Ray if you don't know what Blu Ray technology is or if you want to learn a little bit more about this great format. In a nutshell, Blu Ray is the latest and greatest data storage medium to grace the computing world. In the near future it will overtake DVDs as the main format.

Blu Ray disks can hold a whopping 25GB of data, as opposed to the standard DVD's 4.7GB capacity. It makes DVDs look small in comparison. On a dual layer Blu Ray disk you can store up to 50GB. That is a huge technological advancement if you consider that not so long ago we were amazed by the size of a mere DVD.

A Typical Blu Ray DVD Burner

If you need to backup large amounts of data or you want to watch Blu Ray movies, then a Blu Ray burner is for you.

Since Blu Ray writers/readers are fairly new to the scene, they are quite expensive and thus don't have large consumer market appeal as of yet. But soon this will all change, and prices will eventually plummet.

Blu Ray readers, which only allow you to read Blu Ray disks and not write to them, are generally cheaper than Blu Ray writers. But just like in the past when CD-ROM readers and writers merged together, and then DVD readers and writers merged together, the two Blu Ray drive types will merge together in time and so there won't be a price difference at all.

About Blu Ray Drive Speeds

Since the technology is fairly new you can't expect super fast reading and writing speeds yet. Typical Blu Ray reading speeds at this moment in time vary from 2x, 4x and 6x. Blu Ray burner speeds are also fairly slow compared to DVD burners.

The DVD reading and writing speeds on a Blu Ray DVD drive is slower than a standard DVD drive too, but in time the speeds will be the same and stand-alone DVD drives will eventually become extinct.

Should I Buy A Blu Ray Burner?

So as we have said, at the time of writing Blu Ray drives are fairly slow compared to DVD drives, and quite pricey. So you need to make a decision on whether or not you actually need a Blu Ray drive at the moment.

Most people will wait until prices drop and/or the drive speeds improve before buying one. But if you insist on having the latest and greatest and want to get your hands on the Blu Ray technology now, then go for it. You can find great deals on Blu Ray drives here.

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