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The Ultimate All-in-One, Idiot-Proof Manual for First-Time Builders: How to Plan, Build, Troubleshoot, Maintain & Optimize Your First Custom PC from Scratch

Comprehensive PDF on building your first custom PC with photosThe most comprehensive PC building tutorial for beginners, with absolutely everything you need to know in the one place

Here at BGC we cover all sorts of topics related to building your own custom computers across a wide range of different articles and tutorials.

But if you're a beginner who doesn't want to spend the time reading separate in-depth article after in-depth article, having to manually sort through and piece together all the information you need for a successful first build - we get it.

To save you time and make things as easy and convenient as possible, we've crafted a special all-in-one mega-manual: The Gaming Build Blueprint.

This comprehensive all-in-one guide includes absolutely everything you need to know to plan, build, maintain and optimize your first custom PC from scratch, all in the one handy, downloadable, and print-friendly PDF manual that's easier to follow along with, simpler to navigate, and more convenient to refer back to over and over at any time (and on any device).

Plus, along with combining all the key, crucial information you need as a complete beginner from all over our site in more condensed, easy to digest chapters (that weed out any extra fluff info you don't need to know for a successful first build) - the manual includes extra bonus chapters not found anywhere else that will help you make the most of your first build:

Exclusive Bonus Chapter #1

How to Properly Maintain, Upgrade & Safely Clean Your First Custom PC

Learn how to effectively extend the lifespan of your new build including what to know about upgrading hardware components, an easy hack to know if your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU and your gaming performance, how to safely clean and dust the inside and outside of your PC to keep it running optimally for longer (and always looking fresh), what to know about maintaining software including device drivers, and more.

Exclusive Bonus Chapter #2

8 Tips & Tricks to Easily Boost the Gaming & General Performance of Your First Custom PC

Learn various methods and strategies to fine-tuning the performance of your new PC build to maximize how fast your games and general applications perform now and over the long-term, including quick and easy ways to get higher FPS for free, how to avoid your system slowly degrading in performance too quickly, and much more.

One of the bonus modules inside the manual

But these exclusive bonus modules are just the tip of the iceberg, and in this 111 page instantly-downloadable PDF manual you'll go through 9 easily-digestible, logically-ordered chapters that will take you by the hand through every single step of planning, building, troubleshooting, maintaining and fine-tuning your first custom gaming (or hybrid gaming/workstation) computer from ground zero.

If you've ever considered building your own system 'cause you know of the many benefits it provides, and you realize it's a much more fun and satisfying way to get into PC gaming - but you just never went ahead with it 'cause you were either overwhelmed by all the planning, building, troubleshooting and maintenance steps involved, or worried about making mistakes and wasting your time and/or money - this guide makes things easy and covers the entire journey of a first build in simple language (without any jargon/lingo).

Why Most PC Building Guides Are Confusing for Newbies

The thing is, advanced PC users and hardware enthusiasts (who are often the ones creating guides on building PCs) often forget what it's like to be a complete noob, which oftentimes leads to them often rushing over (or entirely skipping) important little details, explanations, and/or steps when explaining PC building topics.

That's great if you already have decent understanding of hardware and just looking for a refresher, but if you're a first time builder a lot of the information out there can often just create more confusion (and more questions in your head than you had going in).

Truth is, most advice on building computers out there is incomplete and/or a little rushed for complete newbies.

As a first-timer, you want everything - and I mean everything - explained to you clearly and concisely, in as simple-to-understand basic terms as possible, so you can gain full confidence you can do all the steps to planning and building your computer with 100% confidence and peace of mind.

Instead of just advice that says "do this, and do that", as a newbie you want instructions that also explains WHY you should do X, or why you shouldn't do Y. 

That's where The Gaming Build Blueprint comes in, which has been carefully-crafted specifically for you as a complete hardware novice wanting to be slowly but surely guided through every single step of the way, all the way from choosing how much to spend, picking parts, buying parts, installing parts, to fixing any mistakes or issues with your first boot, software installations, maintenance, and much more.

"I would like to express my gratitude for the great content included in your guide. I was able to build my first gaming PC, and without your product probably it would have taken me more time. You did a great job."

- Daniel Gallegos, USA (Verified Purchase)

Everything is explained in as straightforward a manner as humanly possible so that nobody gets left behind at any stage, even if you have zero prior experience with computers and never even seen inside a PC before.

Funny enough, the aim when I first wrote The Gaming Build Blueprint (now in its third edition which was released last year but still 100% applies to 2019) was to allow even your Pentium-4-wielding Grandma to be able to build her own gaming PC with ease should she one day wake up with a sudden urge to join the Master Race and starting slaying in Dota or Apex.

Hey - better late than never, and don't rule her out winning a pro title someday, as with advancements and breakthroughs in modern medicine and health she could be living to 120.

Unlike the majority of other tutorials on building PCs, which often leave out important little details that's crucial to know as a newbie in order to fully grasp and understand the various steps required, The Gaming Build Blueprint covers absolutely everything you'd need to know in the one place to pretty much guarantee you have a smooth, headache-free, successful first PC build.

Overcome any fears or concerns you might have about planning, building, troubleshooting, and maintaining your first custom PC with the most comprehensive newbie guide you'll find anywhere

With the manual by your side you will also likely save a whole stack of time having to endlessly research everything you need to know to build your first PC, and having to piece together all the information you need while simultaneously trying to sort through the good, the average, and the tons of straight-up bad (or dangerous) advice out there in the hardware wilderness (not easy to do as a complete beginner).

If you've ever thought about taking the leap into the wonderful world of building and upgrading your own PC, with this manual by your side (either digitally on your computer or printed out to have right next to you) you'll have all the knowledge conveniently in the one place.

It will help you to cut through any excuses or concerns you might have had in the past about building your own PC, so you can finally make your DIY dream a reality and not have to give in to the easier, less advantageous (and less fun) path of buying an average prebuilt PC just because you didn't have the confidence to build your own.

Peak Inside the Complete Manual for First-Timers

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Begin Your Journey to a Smooth First PC Build

Get immediate access to The Gaming Build Blueprint and learn every single step you need to plan, build, maintain and fine-tune your first dream custom PC for gaming and/or work - without getting confused, stuck or overwhelmed as you have absolutely ALL the information you need as a first-timer all in the one handy, simplified-yet-detailed manual.

After making your purchase below you'll be sent immediately to the welcome page which contains the secure download link for the manual. Hope it comes in real handy for your build, and for any future upgrades or modifications you make later on when the time comes. Most of all - enjoy!

Price: Just $7.95 (USD)

Format: PDF Download (Viewable on Any Device)

Download 100% Risk-Free (30-Day Money Back Guarantee)

A lot of time and effort went into making The Gaming Build Blueprint the most comprehensive yet easy-to-follow written PC building tutorial that you'll find anywhere online, but if after finishing the manual you're not 100% satisfied and don't think it's worth WAY more to you over your PC building lifetime than the small price you paid - I don't want your money. Simply reach out to me within 30 days of your purchase and I'll happily refund you.

About the Author

Julien (aka Julz) is the creator of BGC and has been an avid PC and console gamer since as long as he can remember. As a young teen he would teach himself how to program computers in C++ due to a keen fascination with not just playing games, but designing and creating them, and his various indie game programming projects culminated in the creation of a small multiplayer arena-based FPS game engine he coded with a friend in high school. That led to a keen interest in graphics technology, gaming hardware and tinkering with PCs, and after developing DIY experience the idea for a more accessible, beginner-friendly computer building resource was born. When he’s not working on BGC or other projects, he loves travel, fitness, sports, music, reading, stand-up, sci-fi, VR, and the occasional game sesh.


Why Get This Instead of Just Reading Your Many Free Articles?

I'm not going to lie and say that every single builder should buy the manual just to try and sell more copies - not my style. With all the free articles around the site, there is plenty of information to both plan and build your first PC from scratch as a newbie.

But what this manual does do is make things easier for those wanting an all-in-one downloadable guide that contains ALL the key information and steps you need as a first-timer in the one convenient place that you can download or print-out, and more easily refer back to at any time.

With this manual you don't have to spend the time searching and researching around for all the articles and information you need around our site and around the internet at large - all you gotta do is follow each module in the manual one step at a time, and you'll be taken by the hand through every single step of planning, building, and beyond.

In bringing together all the information you need, the manual also discards any extra "fluff" information that you don't need to know as a beginner, so that you don't get confused or overloaded with too much information, and so you can simply follow and apply each step of the process. If we simply loaded the eBook with all the detailed information we have on our site as-is, the book would be 10 billion pages long and you'd never get anywhere as a beginner (and would probably just get confused and think that building a PC is too complicated or hard).

For example, the chapter in the manual on choosing parts for your first build is an easier-to-digest, simplified condensed version of all the individual component buying guides we have around the site. It will allow you to learn the key important bits to know about choosing each part, without having to read our super-long articles which often go into full details that you simply don't need to know as a newbie who just wants to get their first build done and dusted.

Furthermore, with the manual you're getting additional bonus information not found anywhere else, including a whole heap of useful tips and tricks on maintaining, upgrading, and fine-tuning a new PC build that will add to your overall experience of building a computer for the first time.

Whether you use our all-in-one, hold-your-hand manual, or hunt around our expansive site to piece together the information you need - it all comes down to whether you would prefer to have everything laid out for you in one place to save you time, or if you're more of a web-savvy research-everything-myself type of guy (or gal) who enjoys sorting and sifting through different articles and guides yourself to assimilate what does or doesn't apply to you.

Either way, we're here to help make your first PC build a smoother, hassle-free, 100% fun-filled quest!

What Version of the Manual Do I Get?

The Gaming Build Blueprint is currently in its latest 3rd edition which we released in Q3 2018, but it's still 100% applicable to 2019 builds (even 2020) because all the installation, maintenance and build planning information you'll learn in the manual does not go out of date so quickly. The eBook was written in a way that can apply to any build, so it doesn't include specific product recommendations (so it therefore does not go out of date). For actual product recommendations, combine the manual with our latest Recommended Gaming PC Builds.

With your purchase of the eBook you also get free download access to any future updated versions that we release. We may release a 4th edition of the manual in 2020 or 2021 sometime, but we can't guarantee that, though if we do we'll notify you by email and send the new version to you 100% free of charge.

Yoda's Official Review

"Be swayed to the dark side, you must not be, for that is the path to over-priced, over-bloated, un-optimized CPU-heavy GPU-weak penurious-PSU-filled prebuilt PCs. Build your own PC, you must. Very helpful for apprentices, this manual is. A DIY Jedi, you will become. Store this in the Temple files, I will."

- Yoda, Degobah (100% Verified Purchase..)