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The All-in-One Manual for First-Time Builders (Photo-Filled PDF)

So, you want to build your own PC as you've heard of the many benefits over buying a premade computer. But you're still a little fearful or concerned despite every dude and his dog saying it's easy and just like Lego but for adults. You're not alone, and there's no shame in feeling a bit anxious about building a PC for the first time as it can sound daunting.

My free how to build a PC article series covers the core install instructions to get your first build done, however there's more to know about building and owning your first custom PC that goes beyond the scope of those articles. 

So if you're the type who likes to know everything, and want full understanding of the entire A to Z journey of not just assembling a PC but what to know about performance testing, maintaining, tweaking and upgrading your system - I've included all the tips and tricks I've learned about building PCs over the years into a single all-in-one PDF. 

The Gaming Build Blueprint is the comprehensive owner's manual for first-time PC builders, now in its new and improved 5th edition that is chock-full of brand new chapters, guides, photos, diagrams, and expert DIY tips.

Learn How to Build, Maintain, Tweak & Upgrade a Custom High-Performance PC (In a Single, Easy-to-Read Guide)

In this downloadable, print-friendly PDF manual you get all the core installation steps found in the PC assembly article series in a single all-in-one guide that's more easy to navigate and access at any time (offline or by your side as you build if you print it out). But the manual goes deeper and will take your knowledge of DIY gaming PCs to the next level with a whole bunch of brand new bonus modules that will take you by the hand through a load of invaluable additional topics to help you make the absolute most of your first custom build now and over its full lifespan.

What You'll Learn

  • All Core Component Installation Steps With Photos From 3 Build Examples (Budget Intel, Budget AMD, High-End AMD)
  • Full BIOS Setup Steps and Checks
  • Steps for All Device Driver Downloads
  • Full Windows 10 and Linux Installation Steps
  • Full Steps to Creating Your Own Bootable Windows USB
  • Choosing a Linux Distribution for Gaming (& Drivers)
  • Free Windows 10 Security Basics (Using Windows Defender)
  • How to Overclock a GPU Step by Step (Using Afterburner)
  • Basics of Overclocking Ryzen 3000 or 2000 CPUs
  • How to Monitor System Temperatures (& Temps 101)
  • Tips to Boost Gaming Performance
  • FPS Benchmarking 101 and What All FPS Numbers Mean
  • How to Maintain Hardware and Effectively Clean Dust
  • Maintaining Software and Storage for Peak Performance
  • When & How to Upgrade Your Parts + Finding Bottlenecks
  • And Many More Tips and Tricks

Access the manual at any time on any device, or have it by your side (digitally or printed out) as you assemble your computer

Free Tutorial vs The Gaming Build Blueprint

What You Get

Core PC Assembly Steps

The Gaming Build Blueprint

Core Install Steps

Troubleshooting Boot Issues

OS Install, Drivers, BIOS Setup

Gaming PC Maintenance Basics


Gaming PC Upgrade Basics


Performance Boosting & Tweaking


Fixing Common PC Gaming Issues


Formatted for Printing




What Some Readers Said About the Manual

Read the manual and want to leave a review? Send it in here and include 'book review' in the title. Thanks guys!

"Your instructions and suggestions have helped greatly."

- Rich, USA

"I would like to express my gratitude for the great content included in your guide. I was able to build my first gaming PC, and without your product probably it would have taken me more time. You did a great job."

- Daniel Gallegos, USA

"Your latest Game Computer Building Manual, 5.0 is really excellent. I especially like the fact that being an old guy, there isn't a lot of fluff, and is in terms that people, below "geek" status, can understand. Thank you especially for that! This is my 3rd build, of a gaming rig, and this one was designed with your help."

Bill Switzer, USA

Download Today for Just 10 USD

Note: After making a payment you will be automatically redirected to the download page. If for whatever reason you are not redirected, email me here and I'll get back to you ASAP. Enjoy the manual.

Backed By My 100% Money Back Guarantee

Download The Gaming Build Blueprint 100% risk free: this manual has been crafted and tweaked to be the most helpful, comprehensive yet easy-to-understand written PC building tutorial you'll find anywhere online, hence why I'm willing to stand by it 100% by offering a full money back guarantee for your peace of mind. 

If after completing the manual you're not fully satisfied and don't think the wealth of included knowledge and bonus expert tips was well worth the price you paid, reach out to me within 30 days of purchase letting me know why it perhaps didn't meet your expectations and I'll happily refund you no questions asked.

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