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The Gaming Build Blueprint V5: 2020 PDF eBook on Building & Owning a Custom PC

The All-in-One MEGA Manual for DIY Beginners (Everything You Need to Assemble, Thoroughly Setup, Test, Tweak, Troubleshoot, Maintain, Upgrade, & Overclock)

Last Updated: March 17, 2020

So, you want to build your own PC as you've heard of the various benefits over buying a premade computer, but you're still a little fearful or concerned despite every dude and his dog saying how it's dead easy and practically adult Lego with cables? We get it, but don't worry as you're far from alone, and there's no shame in feeling a bit anxious about building a PC for the first time as it can sound daunting. 

Our online how to build a PC article series covers the core install instructions to get your first build done, however there's more to building and owning a custom PC for the first time that goes beyond the scope of our PC building tutorial.

If you're a beginner wanting to build a computer, but are seeking a way to gain full clarity and understanding of the entire A to Z journey of not just assembling a PC, but what to know about owning, testing, maintaining, tweaking and upgrading one - this manual could be a game-changing resource for you that eradicates all the fears and concerns you might have about building your first PC.

Introducing The Gaming Build Blueprint, the comprehensive owner's manual for first-time PC builders, releasing April 9th in an all new and improved 5th edition that is chock-full of brand new chapters, guides, photos, diagrams, and expert DIY tips to help you make the absolute most of your first build now and over its full lifespan:

Launching Early April!

Learn All the PC Building Basics + Useful Intermediate Topics

In this downloadable, print friendly PDF manual you get all the core installation steps found in our PC assembly article series in the single all-in-one guide that's more easy to navigate and access at any time (offline or by your side as you build if you print it out). 

But the manual goes deeper and will take your knowledge of DIY gaming PCs to the next level with a whole bunch of brand new bonus modules that will take you by the hand through a load of invaluable additional topics to help you make the absolute most of your first custom build now and over its full lifespan including.

What You'll Learn

  • ´╗┐All Core PC Assembly Steps With Photos From 3 Build Examples (Budget Intel, Budget AMD, High-End AMD)
  • Optional PC Assembly Steps (Thermal Paste, PCIe Add Ons, External Motherboard Testing, Extra Case Fans, etc)
  • Full BIOS Setup Steps and Checks + Bios Updates 101
  • Full Windows 10 and Linux Installation Steps
  • Creating a Bootable Windows USB on Windows or Mac

  • Linux Basics for First-Time Users + Linux Gaming 101
  • How to Secure a Windows 10 PC + Backing Up Your Data

  • Steps for All Device Driver Downloads
  • How to Fully Stress Test a New Build
  • Basics of Monitoring Your CPU and GPU Temperatures
  • Tips to Boost Gaming & General System Performance 
  • How to Fix Common PC Gaming Issues like Crashes, Lagging, High Ping, Visual Glitches & Low FPS

  • Setting Up Multiple Monitors and TV/Lounge Gaming
  • Basics of Overclocking in 2020 With a Ryzen 3000 CPU
  • How to Setup and Stream Games for the First Time 
  • FPS Benchmarking 101 + What All FPS Numbers Mean
  • How to Maintain Hardware & Stay Dust Free
  • Maintaining Software & Storage for Peak Performance
  • When & How to Upgrade Your Parts + Finding Bottlenecks
  • How to Setup and Use RAID (Non-Technical for Noobs)
  • Tips on Selling Your Parts or PC (Used Market 101)
  • 5 Ways to Profit from Your DIY Knowledge (Inc. Basics of Building PCs for People as a Side Income)
  • Setting Up Retro Gaming (2020 Emulators Guide)
  • And More!

When you build your own computer for the first time, there's a lot of guides online to help you plan and assemble your PC. But then once you've spent all that time choosing the perfect list of parts, and then finally put everything together by following along with whichever written or video guide you find most helpful - you're kinda on your own as to what to do next and how to use it over its lifespan.

In other words, just like when you get a pet (or have a baby for the boomers ;p), a custom PC doesn't come with an owner's manual. How you go about maintaining, further setting things up, tweaking, testing, fixing issues, upgrading, and so on - it's all on you and you have to research and figure it all out on your own one at a time.

One day I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if there was such a thing as an all-in-one, A to Z manual of sorts that contains a whole bunch of key/common sub-topics to know as a beginner, all in the one guide that you can reference over and over again.

That's when the idea for The Gaming Build Blueprint was born, and since borderline-barring myself up in a room for 3 months to create and release the first edition of it a few years ago (full self-isolation coronavirus 2020 style), a lot has continued to go into further crafting and fine-tuning it into the very closest thing possible to a complete unofficial DIY gaming PC owner's manual.

Access the manual at any time on any device, and have it by your side digitally (or printed out) as you assemble, tinker with, or upgrade your PC

Now in it's 5th edition, which brings a whole heap of all-new modules jam-packed with handy tips and tricks for 2020 builders, if you've ever thought about taking the leap into the wonderful world of building, owning and upgrading your own system, this could be the comprehensive noob guide you've been looking for that allows you to easily master absolutely ALL the basics in the one place (without having to spend days and weeks researching and piecing together all the included topics on your own).

Join many other first time builders who have downloaded the previous editions of the manual, and fulfill your destiny as a DIY gamer or content creator; yes, this manual applies no matter what sort of custom computer you're assembling, whether that's a budget or high-end gaming rig or a powerhouse high-performance workstation (and everything in-between).

Free Tutorial vs The Full Manual

What You Get

Core PC Assembly Steps

The Gaming Build Blueprint

Core Install Steps

Troubleshooting Boot Issues

OS Install, Drivers, BIOS Setup

Gaming PC Maintenance Basics


Gaming PC Upgrade Basics


Performance Boosting & Tweaking


Fixing Common PC Gaming Issues


Formatted for Printing




Expert Email Support/Advice


Have Us Design and Plan Your Parts-List from Scratch (VIP Edition Only)


* With your download of the manual you'll have an experienced tech enthusiast in your corner every step in the way: if you get stuck at any stage of planning, building or maintaining/upgrading your setup, I'm just an email away as you will get access to my direct 1-on-1 support email that's only given out to owners of the eBook. Think of it like having that tech-savvy older brother you never had, who's always got your back. Available for "Master" and "VIP" editions only

What Some Readers Said About Previous Versions

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"I would like to express my gratitude for the great content included in your guide. I was able to build my first gaming PC, and without your product probably it would have taken me more time. You did a great job."

- Daniel Gallegos, USA

"Your instructions and suggestions have helped greatly."

- Rich, USA

Preorder Your Copy Today and Save 25%!

The all-new info-packed Version 5 of The Gaming Build Blueprint releases on April 9th 2020 (previously was going to launch in March but we delayed it as announced on our blog).

If you pre-order your copy today (or anytime before launch day on April 9), we'll give you a solid 25% off discount as a little thanks for getting behind the new book launch. We'll then send you the download link for the manual straight to your email inbox the moment it releases on April 9.

To take advantage of the limited-time 25% off special, simply choose which of the 3 editions is right for you and order your copy below.

Apprentice Edition: With this version you get the main serving and the main serving only, The Gaming Build Blueprint. Unless you think you'll need 1 on 1 help/advice with planning, assembling or maintaining your build, this is the edition for you.

Master Edition: Along with the main manual, with this version you also get unlimited access to our dedicated 1-on-1 support email (reserved for customers only). You'll have the freedom to ask questions at any time of planning, building or tweaking your first custom PC to get the specific, detailed guidance you need to solve any issues you encounter along your journey (up to 6 months).

VIP Edition: The ultimate package for first-time builders gets you the main manual, up to 3 years access to our 1 on 1 support email, AND you also have access to our PC Build Generator service. This is where you can get a 100% personalized, custom parts-list thoroughly researched and designed from the ground up for your exact budget, country, performance aims and other preferences. Simply put, this is the most comprehensive service for beginner builders you'll find anywhere.

The PDF format is easy to read with a crisp clean layout & clickable Table of Contents (+ print friendly)

Select Your Edition


$19.95  $14.95

What You Get:

  • The Gaming Build Blueprint: V5


$39.95  $29.95

What You Get:

  • The Gaming Build Blueprint: V5
  • 100% Free Access to All Future Versions of the Manual (V6 2021 & Beyond)
  • Access to Our Exclusive Support Email to Get Detailed Help & Guidance At Any Stage of Your Build (Up to 6 Months)


$59.95  $44.95

What You Get:

  • The Gaming Build Blueprint: V5
  • 100% Free Access to All Future Versions of the Manual (V6 2021 & Beyond)
  • Access to Our Exclusive Support Email to Get Detailed Help & Guidance At Any Stage of Your Build (Up to 3 Years)

Ends Midnight April 8, 2020 (Pacific Time)

Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Download The Gaming Build Blueprint 100% risk free: this manual has been crafted and tweaked to be the most helpful, comprehensive yet easy-to-understand written PC building tutorial you'll find anywhere online, hence why I'm willing to stand by it 100% by offering a full money back guarantee for your peace of mind. 

If after completing the manual you're not fully satisfied and don't think the wealth of included knowledge and bonus expert tips was well worth the price you paid, reach out to me within 30 days of purchase letting me know why it perhaps didn't meet your expectations and I'll happily refund you no questions asked.

About the Author

Julz is the creator of BGC and has been an avid PC and console gamer since as long as he can remember. As a teen he got into game programming with C++, OpenGL and DirectX which led to various mini gamedev projects culminating in the creation of a small multiplayer arena-based FPS game engine he coded with a friend in high school. 

That led to a strong interest in graphics/hardware and tinkering with PCs, and one day he had an idea for a more accessible, beginner-friendly DIY resource as most info online seemed quite complicated for newbies. Learn more about the BGC mission here.

Yoda's Review

"Be swayed to the PC dark side, you must not be, for that is the path to over-priced, over-bloated, un-optimized CPU-heavy GPU-weak penurious-PSU-filled prebuilt PCs. Build your own PC, you must. Helpful for apprentices, this manual is. Store this in the Temple files, I will. A paid review, this is not."

- Yoda, Coruscant (100% Verified Purchase)

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Changelog: (edition history)

Version 1: July 2017

Version 2: December 2017

Version 3: June 2018

Version 4: November 2019

Version 5.0: April 2020